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Night falls on the hospital, and House makes a visit to Stacy's office. She tells him that she's moving back to her home in Short Hills now that Mark is getting better (except, House points out, that he still can't walk) and wants to get back to work. House thinks that Stacy is just running away from House because their kiss meant something to her, but Stacy coldly says that she isn't running away; she's "going home." She loves Mark, she claims with all the conviction of someone who isn't telling the truth. "You love me more," House says. They stare at each other. "I don't want you to leave," he says. Uh oh.

Stella runs up to greet her mother as she's wheeled out to the lobby. StuporDad is a little less thrilled to see his wife. She walks over to him and apologizes again, with all the conviction of someone who isn't telling the truth. He doesn't exactly forgive her, but he's not about to start divorce proceedings, either. Probably because he has no idea how. And that's fine, because it looks like he'll be a widower in no time, as the Magic School Bus Cam makes an increasingly rare appearance and takes us into SuperMom's heart, where a SuperClot has suddenly lodged itself in a blood vessel. SuperMom immediately falls to the ground. The Cottages, who were apparently just hanging out near the lobby, come running to the scene. Uh oh.

House's bedside phone rings. He picks it and growls at the caller that "this better be important." He is notably free from the constraints of pajamas. At least the little we can see of his upper body is. I shall have to be sure to recap this scene extra-carefully, since I'm sure Hugh Laurie's many crushees didn't pay much attention to any of the dialogue. Cameron tells House he need to come back to PPTH, since SuperMom (her name is "Margo" by the way, and she will only serve as yet more proof of my theory that no one good is named Margo) just had a stroke. House hangs up and announces that he has to go back to work. But who is he talking to? Why, it's Stacy, of course, who is also not wearing any clothes. This means that she has to bend awkwardly when making out with House so as not to expose her breasts to the innocent viewing audience. And while I'm just as happy as anyone else to see House finally gettin' some, I must say I'm not too pleased by his choice of partner for the following reasons: (a) it isn't Cuddy; (b) it's Stacy, who doesn't even deserve an asshole like House; (c) Mark definitely doesn't deserve this crap; and (d) I am so sick of Stacy. I really don't understand what the writers were trying to do with the Stacy character. I guess we were supposed to like her, but then they wrote her as such a bitch and she was played as such a cold, emotionless person that it was impossible to. Now we have her cheating on her invalid husband, which is just the icing on the Stacy Hate cake for me. I don't see how anyone can like her. House isn't much of a prize either, but at least he has enough redeeming moments and is charismatic enough to be likable in his assholishness.

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