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I've Just Seen a Face

Meanwhile, in his hideout, Translucent Man is still making calculations in his notebook, at least until he starts to tremble. He clutches his forearm, with its fluctuating transparency levels. He turns his hand over, and grosses everyone out as a bloody fingernail slides into place on his left forefinger. And then, giving me shivers, he pulls the nail RIGHT OFF HIS FINGER. Then he examines it, smiling, his see-through skin adding a skullified touch of creepiness. He is SMILING. His unholy lips are pulling upwards against his teeth. FLAG ON SHOULDER?

Over at Avon Station, Olivia and Lee sit in a car and watch while teams of other agents check in over the radio with nothing to report. Olivia takes the inactivity as the perfect time to tell Lee that she knows what it's like, having lost a partner herself. She tells the story of John Scott and the pilot episode of Fringe, which obviously makes no reference to Peter. "During the investigations, my partner was injured. What happened to him was horrific and unexplainable. It affected his skin. Like your partner, but different," she says, adding that she checked Walter out of the mental institution so he could solve the case and save John. "But even Walter couldn't save him," says Olivia.

Lee looks like he's about to try to say something comforting when an Agent Roach announces over the radio that they've got him at Grove Hall Station, so he and Olivia peel out.

The aforementioned Agent Roach and his partner Agent Frazier are driving through an industrial area with train tracks and tankers and the like, and you know that with this much screen time and dialogue given to a couple of bit parts like this that one of them's going to end up dying. Ooh, especially when they're in a place that's all steamy like this! Sure enough, after they get out and chase the suspect into a warehouse, Frazier gets dragged underneath a rail car. By the time Olivia and Lee arrive, Frazier's lying on the tracks, Roach is down himself, having been shot.

Lee tends to him while Olivia heads for the warehouse. Inside, she can hear movement, and we see Translucent Man setting fire to his notes and burning them in a big barrel. Hobo style!

So Olivia's got the drop on him. She yells for him not to move, and he stands there, briefcase in hand, looking rather unconcerned. And I don't know if he's super-fast or Olivia's reaction time is suddenly super-slow, but he swings his briefcase and knocks her gun away, then starts throwing her into beam and shelf with little effort. He makes the mistake of throwing her into some barrels (empty and stacked, naturally) that are near her gun, and just as he's readied a syringe to stick her with, she knocks him away with an elbow and empties several shots into him.

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