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I've Just Seen a Face

Although if you want to keep Walter happy, you should probably let the new guy know that it's not wise to show up without any gumdrops for Walter, who gets in a snit when Lee shows up, rudely having not brought pockets full of sweets for the avuncular mad scientist. "That's a pity," sniffs Walter. Olivia is a little friendlier, teasing Lee about the Bureau getting on his case for putting so many miles on their car, driving from Hartford. This is her flirting, Lee!

He thanks her for releasing Robert's body, since he knows she must have had to pull some "significant" strings. "Why would you do that for me?" he asks. Olivia says she knows he doesn't have the answers he wants, but she hopes this brings him some closure. Lee thanks her.

And hey, Lee is right on time to see Walter's discovery -- a cookie-sized device with protruding wires pulled from the corpse of translucent man. He shows it to Olivia and darkly asks if it reminds her of anything: "A biological-mechanical hybrid. These are different -- they're human. And for whatever reason, they don't work," he says. Olivia wants to know if Walter's suggesting -- well, she doesn't finish that sentence, because Walter hisses that he told her that man couldn't be trusted. Lee wants to know what's going on, while Astrid urges Walter not to jump to conclusions. "All I do know is that this tech isn't from here," he says, and Lee is all, "Not from here? You mean like China?" like SHUT UP AND LISTEN FOR A DAMN MINUTE, NEW GUY, and Olivia just quietly says, "No. Not China."

So Olivia takes Lee into a manned security checkpoint, where she tells the soldier she needs an ID for Lincoln Lee. The sergeant gets Lee to put his hand on a scanner and then starts gathering his information: Badge number, blood type, medications, history of mental illness. Lee gets increasingly uncomfortable with the increasingly personal questions, but he answers them all (that's "no" on the mental illness, by the way). The ID card is fresh and ready to go, so I assume Lee has to do some sort of orientation? Well, maybe Olivia is the orientation. She leads him down a hall full of personnel. Everything looks brand-spanking new, and some of the workers are actually installing monitors. Suddenly a soldier escorts them through another set of doors, and then leaves them behind as an electronic voice says, "Initiate scan." The lights go red, there is a flash of white and some wind, and Lee is thoroughly discombobulated at this point. "Please remain still," nags the recorded voice.

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