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I've Just Seen a Face

Of course, this is where Olivia decides to jabber on about how she does know what it's like to have a hole in her life. "It's been there as long as I can remember," she says. Olivia, the machine said to stay still! Anyway, she says that when she joined Fringe, she somehow knew she would find answers. But that's as far as she's going to get with the personal revelations, because the scanner powers down and the access doors in front of them open up, revealing some sort of busy scientific facility, with dudes in white Hazmat-esque suits walking by. Directly across from them is another set of doors leading out. "What's beyond the door?" he asks, and Olivia says, "Sometimes answers lead to more questions." And sometimes not answering questions leads to the same questions getting asked again!

Not Lincoln Lee, though. He steps out into the facility, and we can see Peter's Doomsday device to one side, so I guess this is the hangar that houses it, filled with more stuff. Looking up, he sees cloudy skies through the roof on the other side of hangar, and looking back through the windows above the doors he just came through, blue sky.

But that's still not as freaky to him as what happens next. Olivia, only kind of sassier with long red hair and a -- what's that word -- smile on her face comes through the doors opposite. She chuckles when she sees Lee, but mostly ignores him and strolls over because Olivia's got something to show her. Olivia hands over the box: "It was powering a new form of shapeshifters," says Olivia, and Fauxlivia plays dumb. "Human shapeshifters. The ones we encountered before answered to Walternate. You were wondering why I don't trust you," says Olivia, who has the amusing big-sister role in this relationship.

Fauxlivia seems a little less sure of herself, but snickers anyway and says she'll look into it, and she sashays away.

Lee is speechless over what just happened, and then he looks up and it's like holy shit! A zeppelin! Lee, if you want to be really freaked out, wait for that zeppelin to pass over the blue-sky windows.

And finally, we're back outside Walter's lab, where the Observer is sitting on a bench and getting his jury-rigged device ready.

Inside, Walternate is crushing something with a mortar and pestle, which he adds to some white liquid he's heating on a Bunsen burner. Looks like milk, which makes sense, because he's in his pajamas. He shuffles past a guard in the hall (gets the guy's name wrong, twice) and into his office, where he's got a fold-out bed set up, and there's also an aquarium and a television. Sweet setup! I wonder if my boss would let me do that? Probably not, given that I don't have four walls -- not much room for a bed, either.

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