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I've Just Seen a Face

After the commercial break, the Fringe team is on the scene, which consists of Olivia and -- huzzah! -- Astrid! My first thought was, "Well, that makes sense. With Peter gone, I guess Astrid would have to start filling in in the field" until I realized that THERE HAD BEEN NO PETER AT ALL. And then I smiled for a few minutes with the show on pause.

Olivia examines Danzig's body in the ambulance and then gets out to go talk to Lee, who is moping against a police cruiser. Astrid gets in the ambulance and she tells Walter via phone that she's there, and she's got on some sort of headset with a red light on it, and the headset appears to send a squeal of feedback into her skull.

As Olivia goes over to talk to Lee, she's watched by the Observer who's standing behind the police tape talking to another Observer who I don't think we've seen before. Good thing these guys are just supposed to observe and not get involved -- they're only just standing there creepily dressed alike and observing a crime scene looking like they're huge Adjustment Bureau fans.

Anyway, Olivia introduces herself to Lee, and you're all, "Hey, they already know each other!" Except that the Observer conversation reminds us that that was "before things changed," which sounds awfully ominous. Olivia goes over the details with Lee about what he saw. He wants to know who she's with, but all she'll say is that it's with a special division and she's not allowed to disclose any more than that.

So Lincoln Lee describes the man with the translucent skin: "It's like what you see on Robert's face, but more of it," he explains. Olivia wants to know if Lee saw anything in his hands, like some sort of device that could have done it. Lee didn't, but he's requested a field office medical examiner. "He's good. He's thorough." Like Maude Lebowski's doctor! Olivia's all, thanks, but we got this, and sure enough, Danzig's body is already being trundled off to get on its way to Fringe division. This gets Lee pretty agitated: "You're some division coming in here and taking over! You won't even tell me who you are!" Olivia remains calm and won't answer Lee when he asks if she knows who the suspect is, which only makes him angrier, because this was his partner. "Maybe you can't understand that. I'd like to talk to someone else," he says, like he's not happy with the service at Olive Garden and he wants to speak to a manager. Except there is no one else, and Olivia says she's sorry for his loss, and gets in her SUV and drives off, while Lee studiously checks out her license plate number as she leaves.

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