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I've Just Seen a Face

Meanwhile, Olivia and Lee are digging into the victim's background. Commuter Nadine Park parked her car at the train station, about four blocks from her, at 10:45 AM. "She was still behind the wheel, so maybe he was waiting for her in the backseat. He wanted to attack her when there was no one else around. She struggled for a bit and then hit the lamppost," says Olivia.

Lee looks over to where the witnesses -- who all said they didn't see anything -- are talking to police, except, "one of these things is not like the other," says Lee, and Olivia sees what he means: one of the witnesses is sitting by herself, looking almost catatonic on a park bench. Olivia gives Lee a long look, all "don't think you can endear yourself to me by making yourself useful," and then goes over to talk to the witness, who -- and this probably has some significance beyond anything I can think of -- is also named Olivia. Witness Olivia doesn't seem to find as much humor in the coincidence as our Olivia does, but she probably thinks Olivia is bullshitting anyway when she brightly says they share a name. Witness Olivia at first admits only to hearing the crash, but our Olivia presses: "Your friends said that they were out in the field but that you were here on the street. So I was kind of hoping that maybe you saw something they didn't." Out in the field? What were they doing, midnight farming? Kids today! Witness Olivia says she doesn't want to get into any trouble, and our Olivia promises she won't, and Witness Olivia says she came out to the street to get better cell phone reception, and then she shows Olivia a cell phone picture, and for once this show doesn't take the chance for some sort of cell phone placement. Anyway, the picture is of Translucent Man, which Witness Olivia appears to have taken from several feet in the air ABOVE Translucent Man, not to mention close enough to him that there's no way he didn't see someone taking his picture.

So our Olivia begrudgingly tells Lee, "Now we have a picture. Nice catch." Lee's all, imagine what I could do with more information: "Freaky see-through killer, two apparently unrelated murders." And Olivia has to tell him: "It's not just two."

So it's time to bring Lee in, which means he gets to meet Broyles back at presumably the federal building. Broyles hands him a couple of forms to sign, one of which raises his clearance, the other acknowledging that he'll be prosecuted is he tells anyone what he's about to see. Broyles is, as usual, his typical glowering self that presumably has Lee's spine compacting into a cube even at just the idea of spilling any secrets.

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