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I've Just Seen a Face

Elsewhere, Translucent Man does creepy things with syringes and vials of unidentified fluids! He injects some into his forearm (through some sort of socket) which seems to loosen it up and decrystallize it a bit. Then he scribbles some info into a notebook.

So assuming that the connection between the victims indicates they're not randomly selected, Olivia turns her investigative focus to how this guy is selecting his targets. Meanwhile, Walter is telling Lee about how the woman's tissue will make her an excellent specimen: "Finding healthy tissue for experimentation's harder than you might imagine," he says. Walter still isn't cool with the criminalization of grave-robbing, I presume.

Lee's shocked to discover that Fringe won't be returning the bodies to their families. Olivia says they can't: "Because we can't disclose how they were killed. The families are informed that they have gone missing, that we will continue to look for them," she says, and Lee is absolutely horrified: "Those families are going to spend the rest of their lives wondering what happened to their loved ones, looking for answers," he says, and as cold as Olivia is in the Peter-less universe, I'd think she'd at least understand why someone might have a problem with this policy. And then we're hit in the head with the script again, as Lee asks if she can imagine what it would be like to have that hole in her life. A Peter-shaped hole? Well, Olivia's not even aware it's there yet. OH WAIT EXCEPT SHE IS.

Walter is even more matter-of-fact: "People die. It happens. Sometimes they even die twice," he growls, so I'm guessing that in this time stream, Walter still pulled Peter over, and Peter died anyway? I'm kind of excited about the idea of Peter Bishop dying twice.

Olivia's got another reason why they can't release the bodies, though: "That would mean we would have to file documentation, which would draw attention to Fringe Division. And we cannot have that. It may not be a good enough answer, but it is the truth."

The ethical debate will have to wait, because Astrid says one of the victims' credit cards just registered a charge, and dead people do not use their credit cards. Well, I haven't watched The Walking Dead yet, so I'm just going to have to assume that's true. (Walter, for one, says they do, but everyone ignores him, acting all grumpy-like. At least he's dressed now.)

Their excitement is dampened when Astrid realizes it's just an auto-renewal on a monthly commuter pass, but Lee points out the killer picked up his last victim in the commuter rail parking lot. And after the victims' locations are plotted, they realize that there are four kill zones centered around commuter rail stations. Olivia starts barking orders, telling Lee to come with her, while Astrid is to call Broyles and get Translucent Man's photo out to the station police and organize teams of agents to watch the stations.

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