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Luthor mansion at night. Lex sits by the fire. Lana, wearing a pretty red top, enters the room. She's holding Lex's briefcase. She hands it to him, saying the police found it. She acknowledges the bullet damage by saying that they must have really wanted to get into it. She says she took it away as fast as she could. Lana says she's going to curl up with a movie, and she asks if Lex has a genre preference. How about something where the married couple actually has sex once in a while? Is that a marital romance? Lex says he'll pass. Lana wishes him goodnight. As she walks away, Lex decides to ask if she saw Clark the day of their wedding and told him she didn't want to marry Lex. Lana is scared. "Did you?" Lex asks, standing. She says she did. Lana lies and says she just needed someone to talk to. And run away with. Lana says she knew something was wrong with the baby; she says she could feel it. "I thought you wouldn't love me," she says. She lies and says she didn't want to lie. Lana approaches Lex carefully. She says she wanted to say something, but Lex loved their baby so much. "Just one look at our nursery, and I knew you had our entire life planned," she says. Lex isn't facing her. "School. Playdates," she continues, emotionally. She says they were going to be the best parents in the world. She asks how she could stand on that altar in front of all those people (mostly strangers) and say that everything was going to be all right when she knew something was seriously wrong. She starts to cry. Boy, she's really putting the screws to Lex here. "What kind of a person would lie like that?" she asks. Lex steps forward. He says nothing could have stopped him from loving her. "Nothing," he restates. "That's why I married you," Lana says. She says she wishes she were that strong. "If someone lied to me like that, they would lose my love forever," she tells him. While I applaud Lana's sneakiness, I just wish she'd call her own bullshit and say what she knows and watch Lex try to squirm his way out of it. Then again, she probably thinks he'd kill her, and she's not far off. Lex thinks about that last statement. Lana smiles reassuringly. "I don't know what I did to deserve you," she says, darkly. Lex hugs her. Lana stares at the fire, her heart turning ice cold. The dark music of plotting and foreboding plays.

The Barnness Of Endoftheseasonitude. Clark is examining some documents. It's not going well. MamaKent brings him a glass of milk and some food, noting that he missed dinner. Clark didn't realize it was so late. MamaKent asks if he knows what Lex and Papa Luthor were doing in those tunnels. Clark says it doesn't add up. Clark has plans and budgets and other things that point to -- MamaKent finishes the thought. She says it points to building a water filtration system. Nooooo! Clark says maybe this is the one time Lex is telling the truth. He walks away, frustrated. MamaKent asks what really happened down there. Clark says that when Lex pulled him out of the rubble, he saw something he hasn't seen in years. A full-on Lex chubby. "My friend," he actually says. MamaKent says they went through a lot, but that so much has happened that sometimes you have to let go. Of the chubby. Clark says she didn't. MamaKent says that after all that's happened, she stood by Papa Luthor. But she says that doesn't mean she trusts him. She wishes she could. She says that he's made an effort, but that nobody can completely change who they are. Clark says that MamaKent gave Papa Luthor that chance. Clark asks if part of what Lex is about might be because of him: "What if I gave up on him too soon?" he asks. MamaKent says he'll never give up on anybody too soon. She says his greatest strength might also be his biggest weakness. "Your hope," she tells him. Oh, that.

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