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As Lex struggles to stand against the pole, the woman says her husband was supposedly part of a helicopter accident in Afghanistan. She knew it wasn't true, because her heart told her otherwise. Lex says the heart sometimes lies. Sometimes your heart is like, "Yes, I totally moved blood to the toes, don't you worry." Next thing you know, your toes look like dried-up raisins. Fucking heart. The woman grabs Lex's face. She says that when you truly love somebody, you know when you've lost them. You're...losing us, lady. The woman says there were no chopper crashes that day or that entire month. Holding a folder, she says the military failed to produce a body. They fail to produce a lot of things, lady. Have you ever tried to get them to show you a receipt for a $600 hammer? Ain't happening. Lex asks her to uncuff him. He says he's got friends at the Pentagon who might help her. She talks about her reconnaissance prowess, then shows Lex a file with her husband's military photo and a LuthorCorp logo. She asks what a Fortune 500 company would want with a Green Beret. Market research for really butch workout gear? Lex says nothing. "Tell me!" Explosive Lady barks. Lex tells her calmly that it's only a matter of time before his security team gets through. Are you kidding? They're playing Tetris on their cell phones and waiting for Grey's Anatomy to come on. He says they tend to shoot now and ask questions later. They're stupid that way.

Explosive Lady, who has created quite the little interrogation chamber with moody lighting in here, says that the schematics for these tunnels don't exist in city blueprints. She pulls out what looks like a bomb. She says she's rigged all five miles with C-4. As she ties the device to a nearby pole, she tells Lex about her history as a military demolitions expert. Demolition Woman! She says that she was discharged for having a short fuse. Lex asks why she doesn't just kill him. She says she'd have to start over. And she's guessing that Lex's project involving her husband is worth more to Lex than his life. "You decide," she says. She wants to speak to her husband in twenty minutes, or she'll blow the place up. She pushes a button on a tiny handheld device. It activates the timer on the nearby bomb. Adventure music plays. The woman pauses at the door to ask Lex if he's ever done anything crazy for love. Try impregnating someone with a fake baby! Now that's nutty. She closes a door. We see another device nearby. For five miles to cover, that must have been thousands of bombs.

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