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Above-ground. Clark asks Chloe whether she's heard anything about Lex. Bomb squad staffers go about their business, not caring that these two are walking around in their dangerous work area. Chloe says that rescue efforts have been called off until they can "de-bomb" the area. Can they "de-civilian" the area by getting rid of Clark and Chloe? Clark says that could take forever. Chloe thinks Lex and "G.I. Jane" will be long gone before they can get through the rubble. Clark says that he's the only one who can save Lex. Chloe says not to look to her for encouragement. After what Lex did to her mother, she says, he can live with the rats for all eternity. That's the spirit! Clark says he's considered that the world would be a better place without Lex, but... Chloe finishes his thought, saying that he can't pick whom he saves. "Not if you're Clark Kent," she says. What's that? Clark actually acting like a hero? I never thought I'd see the day. Clark adds that what's in the tunnels might help take Lex down. Chloe suggests Clark get in there before the bomb squad does. Clark glances at the bomb squad workers. They don't look like they're doing much of anything. Clark springs into action. At normal speed.

Underground. Lex is fiddling with his wrists, trying to get out of the restraints. He finally does. "Perfect timing, MacGyver," Explosive Lady says, pointing a gun at him. Yeah, that wasn't very smart, Lex. She wants Lex to call her husband. Lex says the phones don't work down here. "Mine will," she says. She hands Lex a giant satellite phone. Lex reluctantly takes the device. She tells Lex that without Wes, her life is over, and that you don't give up on someone who can pull you out of the trenches. Lex says it's not that easy. "Put...him...on the phone!" she demands. She wants to hear her husband's voice. Her voice pitches up as she tells Lex they're running out of time and to dial the damn phone. "He's dead!" Lex finally shouts back. She flinches. Lex says her husband was killed by a firearm at close range. The bullet pierced his lung, liver and heart. That's one crafty bullet. Lex tells her that LuthorCorp tried to save him with an experimental procedure, but it was too late. Lex says her husband endured a long and unsettling death. Thanks? Can I get you something for that? He says he's sorry. "No. No," she says. Lex seizes the opportunity to dive at her. The gun goes off. She's accidentally shot in the stomach, as often happens to those who'll only be appearing in one episode. Oops! Lex points the gun at her and tells her to deactivate the explosives. What, you're gonna shoot her a second time? He says they can both get out of there alive. Lex will get out much more alive. She picks up the remote and says they're pre-programmed. Clark whooshes into a nearby tunnel and uses his superhearing to catch what she's saying. She tells Lex he can't stop the other explosives, just like she can't stop this one. She pushes a button. The device whines. Lex dives. There's an explosion. The door blows out as Lex dives behind some sandbags. We see Kryptonite rocks fly in slow motion, along with other debris, toward Clark. It all knocks him back on his ass. Clark is hurt. He lies next to glowing green rocks. Nobody said dealing with C.H.U.D.s would ever be easy.

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