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Not-really-a-commercial. Part two of the "Legends" animated comic strip. This one features the Caves Of Contrivances, wolves, and more stuff about Project Ares. Check it out at the Fight for Justice site. Then we learn about the stylish, sleek, comic-book-like lines of the Toyota Yaris. It's almost as if this whole comic book thing were being sponsored somehow.

We return to...oh my. Clark has got his hands braced on some rubble, and Lex is standing behind him. Clark opens his mouth as Lex does something to him. What the...?! Does Toyota know about this? Oh, wait. Lex is just pulling that jagged rock out of Clark's arm. Lex pulls as Clark gasps. Lex says that Clark is the last person he expected to be pulling shrapnel out of. Lex brings up the chisel with which he tried to stab Clark in the gut. He says it accordioned like it was hitting solid rock. Clark just stands there and grimaces. "I don't know why I needed so badly to believe you're more than human," Lex tells him. Clark says that nothing is good enough for Lex. "The truth would have been!" Lex says angrily. Lex finds a scrap of cloth and ties it around Clark's arm above the elbow. Lex says that Clark may be flesh and blood, but that he's been hiding secrets since they met. Clark never trusted him. Lex pulls the cloth tightly, making Clark grunt. Clark, just as pissed, asks if it would have mattered. He asks what Lex is really doing down here. Uh... looking for stalactites? Clark asks if he's trying to find new ways to exploit people with different abilities. Lex has no answer for that. Clark gives him a smoldering look, then uses it to propel his face out of frame. Lex says there's no gray area with Clark.

Something behind Lex flashes brightly and sparks fly. Lex asks if Clark ever tried to see his humanity before deciding he had none. "I did, Lex. And look where we are," Clark says. Also? You don't bring me flowers anymore. Clark walks away. Lex, looking at Clark with longing for what once was, follows. He's still a puppy dog in love, after all this time. It's the Gayest Look of the Episode. They enter a room where dust is falling and everything is shaking. You know what would be sweet? If all this rubble were rock sugar and gumdrops. Lex goes to a pile of rubble and tries to move stuff. He manages to make a small crawlspace. He tells Clark to follow. Unfortunately, there are meteor rocks in the wall. Clark feels weak. Lex manages to make it through the space into another part of the tunnels. Clark winces as things explode around him. "Clark! Come on! What are you waiting for? Let's go!" Lex calls from the other side. Clark tries to muddle through, but the green rocks are all around him. I guess these aren't the kind of Kryptonite rocks that make him completely helpless, because he's still moving. "Clark! Come on!" Lex yells. Clark tries. It's slow going. Lex finally pulls him out of the hole. Clark lands on the ground like a dying fish. Lex helps him stand. Clark walks past Lex without a "thank you." You're welcome, dickweed. A nearby timer shows about seven minutes left until collapse.

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