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Outside the tunnels, where the rescue workers are failing to rescue. Chloe is leaving a message for Clark via her cell phone. Needlessly awkward message follows: she asks where Clark went, since she's trying to reach him again. "I feel like your stalker ex-girlfriend," she says. Uh. Oh. Chloe backtracks. "Even though I was never your girlfriend. It was just an analogy," she says. Lesson: don't walk and cell at the same time. Chloe says this is awkward, then tells Clark to call her. The bomb squad peeps are talking nearby. There was a second explosion. Chloe goes to the head bombie demanding answers. She asks if they've found Lex. He says the inner tunnels caved and that the whole area is now unstable. He says nobody's getting in there by hand. Someone brings over a handy pamphlet about Smallville. It's your residuals contract. Chloe asks what's on the guy's vest. "Dust," he says. It's green dust from meteor rocks. It's all over the place down there. Uh oh! That can't be good for Clark!

Clark and Lex, in the tunnel of ex-love, reach a gate with a lock on it. Lex shakes the gate. Stupid, stupid gate! More small explosions. Lex says they have to try another tunnel. Clark tries to pull the lock on the chain, but the meteor rocks that have weakened him say otherwise. Clark just grunts in defeat. He looks pretty tired. Clark says, weakly, that this ceiling isn't going to hold much longer. He says that they have to go back. Clark throws himself against a nearby wall and grunts loudly. You know, human pain isn't just about hurting yourself then making pig noises, Clark. Clark wonders aloud that Lex probably didn't tell anyone else about these caves. Lex infers that Clark is talking about him not telling Lana about this project. He says he doesn't bore Lana with his daily work. Clark asks if Lex doesn't trust her. Lex scoffs. Half-smiling, he says Lana is the first person in his life that he actually does trust. That's a twisted kind of trust, Lex.

Clark asks why Lex would force Lana to marry him. Lex's smile fades. He gulps. Viciously, Clark says that he saw Lana the day of the wedding. He says Lana was going to leave Lex. Lex's tiny black heart breaks some more. Clark asks what Lex did to her. "I don't know," Lex says blankly. He says the answer must have gotten lost in "that dark abyss we call my soul." Oh do go on, you ninth-grade Goth kid. Lex boo-hoos about standing in front of a congregation, praying the love of his life wouldn't stand him up at the wedding. Which almost happened. Lex says that being unsure on his wedding day was the hardest thing he's ever had to endure. And the dude has been shot multiple times. Lex says Clark can believe that or not. "I stopped expecting you to act like a friend a long time ago," he says. Hoarsely, Clark asks, "Were we ever really friends, Lex?" It's a fair point. Lex says he doesn't know. He says he has nothing to compare it to. Lex says that Clark is the only real friend he's ever had. Oh really? Turning his back on Clark, Lex says that Clark decided Lex was his nemesis and turned his back on him. Can you do the rest as charades? Another explosion sends a pile of rubble off the ceiling and directly onto where Clark is sitting. It's actually pretty funny, like a tiny thundercloud over one guy's head. Lex turns and sees the pile of rocks. Clark, still alive, is pinned down. He tries to move the stones. "Lex, get this off of me!" he yells. Lex turns around. Clark looks to Lex. Lex checks his expensive watch. Smell ya later! "Don't leave me," Clark says. Lex turns and runs. "Lex!" Clark yells. So heartbreaking. "Leeeeex!" Clark yells again as the camera pulls back.

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