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Commercials. PC vs. Mac. As much as I like these commercials, I hate that John Hodgman is going to be better known for this than for his awesome writing.

The stateliest of Luthor Manors. A feminine finger is moving around the control pad of a laptop. There are folders including, "Permits," "H20 Purification," "LC Classified," and "Filtration Results." What, no, "Pr0n"? Lana opens up a file that looks like a set of digital blueprints. She scrolls horizontally. Chloe walks in the door (security!) and says that she's been trying to get a hold of Lana by phone all morning. It's not your imagination, Chloe. Nobody wants to talk to you today. Chloe thought Lana would be near search and rescue. Lana closes the laptop slyly and says she thought she'd be more help here. At home. Snooping. Lana asks, with no emotion, if there's been any news. Chloe says that nobody will talk to her because she's not a Luthor. She asks what Lana's heard. No news. "Dammit," Chloe says. She tells Lana that Clark went into the tunnels and that it was the last she heard from him. Lana is suddenly emotionally engaged. Lana thinks he'll be all right. Chloe's not so sure. "But he's...I mean, he's Clark," Lana rationalizes. Chloe won't go down that path. She says that whatever Lana thinks she knows about Clark, he's not invincible. "He has a --" Chloe starts. "Weakness," Lana finishes. He used to be -- gay, frankly. But now he's -- just boring. Chloe says that Clark will die if they don't find a way in soon. Lana sneaks a peek at the closed laptop. She says she knows another way. They walk around the desk. Lana logs into the laptop as Lex. Chloe asks when Lana learned to "pole-vault" over Lex's firewall. Is that what the billionaires call it these days? Lana says that when Lex began looking over her shoulder, she did likewise. Chloe asks if those are the blueprints for the tunnels. Lana gives her a self-satisfied, smugly evil look. Chloe admonishes her for sitting on these all morning. To be fair, Lana just found them. But, still. Instead of saying than, Lana goes the bad-ass route: "I thought you said there wasn't much time." Chloe is surprised by Lana's minor magnificent bastardness.

The tunnels. Clark is still covered by that ridiculous mound of stone-painted foam. Clark tries to push his way out, but the pile won't magically clear like it normally does. Then, a second later, everything moves. Lex is standing there, having used a long pole to wedge the debris out of the way. It may be the last time, but certainly not the first, that Lex has wielded a tube in Clark's direction to get his rocks off. Clark, breathing heavily, just stares at his hero. Lex asks if Clark really thought he'd let him die alone down here. We kind of really did think that. "Guess you never knew me at all," Lex says. And if you don't know him by now, you will never, never, never know him. No you won't. Lex pulls Clark up by the good arm. Lex says that the last cave-in exposed a hatch. From Lost? They run down a hall arm-in-arm. Rocks fall like so much cheap Styrofoam. A portal leads to sunlight above. Luckily, there are two ladders. They both climb together. Lex slides a bit. The timer says there are only thirty-three seconds left. Lex loses his grip and is holding on by only one hand. Clark grabs him. Lex looks down in horror. Clark strains. And grunts. Lex manages to get back on the ladder. They both climb with thirteen seconds left. They get to the top. Together, they manage to pull the giant manhole (ooh, Clark and Lex and "manhole" in the same sentence! Just like the good old days) open. The timer runs out. A fireball flies up the hole. Clark and Lex both roll away just as the camera pulls back and the whole thing explodes. Hey, I think I see the Millennium Falcon coming out of there. The massive explosion apparently leaves them unscathed. In sunlight, Clark takes a little siesta. Police cars come around to see what's up. Clark stares at the beautiful cloudy sky and sun. He breathes deeply, feeling Super again. Lana and Chloe emerge from the back of a town car. Clark gets to his feet. Medical workers approach Clark, then ignore him. Lana sees him. Clark turns to Lana in slow motion, amid all the smoke and dust. The score swells as they watch each other. Lana goes to him. She gets up in his face. She looks at his healed elbow. Touches it. Clark touches her hand. He leans in to kiss her. Lana turns to her left. Lex appears, looking worse for wear. The dust goes away. Lana walks away from Clark slowly. Her hand trails against his chest as he keeps touching her. Her hand slips away. Lana hops over to Lex. She smiles at him. He smiles back, briefly. They hug. Lex is bloody about the face. Clark watches. Lex looks up at Clark and gives him a "how ya like me now, bitch?" look. Clark just stares. We close the scene on Lana's sad face as she hugs Lex.

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