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How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

Women's restroom. Rachel enters and finds an incredibly puffy-faced Sunshine Corazon throwing up. Rachel accuses her of bulimia, but she's actual vomiting from nerves. It seems that a year in the iron grip of Dustin Goolsby has destroyed her love of singing. And apparently caused her face to gain ten pounds. Anyway, the point of this scene is that Sunshine is still mad at Rachel for sending her to a crack house, and Rachel apologizes and tells her she did it because she (Rachel) was jealous of Sunshine's talent. And she talks Sunshine out of fleeing back to the Philippines before taking the stage. Hurray for redemption!

And then Sunshine and Vocal Adrenaline perform an original song, "As Long As You're There." And it's mostly a solo with some backup dancers. Not that exciting. Commercials.

It's just about time for New Directions to perform. Rachel and Finn are waiting backstage, at opposite ends of the stage. As per usual, Finn walks over to Rachel. But this time she meets him halfway. She congratulates him on his awesome song. He just wants to ask her why she's suddenly gone from pining after him to rejecting him. She tells him she's not rejecting him -- she's just choosing her dream of a career in New York over him. Which kind of requires rejecting him. And then the announcer introduces the Nude Erections, and they walk out on stage and start singing "Pretending," another original song. It's purely a duet, and it's fine in that overly earnest sappy way. While they sing, Jesse St. James sits down next to Will in the audience. Jesse: "I couldn't stay away." Will: "From the show? Or from her?" And then at the end of the song, Rachel and Finn kiss. Which causes the entire audience to fall into a stunned silence, until Will vainly tries to get some applause started. But not before Jesse, shocked, asks will if the kiss was rehearsed. Since nothing is ever rehearsed, we already know the answer to that question. And then the rest of the kids start singing the upbeat original, "Light Up The World." Lots of fun, with Heather Morris's best vocal work to date. And Quinn does have a kicky new hair cut.

Lobby. Brit is trying to find an extra-large t-shirt for Lord Tubbington. In another corner of the mob, Finn and Rachel are talking about how good they were. Except that they're joined by Jesse, who tells them the kiss was unprofessional and that the judges will have hated it. And then Jesse smiles at Rachel and tells her she sounded great. If only she hadn't kissed Finn. Finn tries to call Jesse out on being jealous. But then the top ten list of finalists is posted. We see some choirs celebrating, including Vocal Adrenaline. So Will and the kids walk in slow motion through the mob to see the list. And New Directions isn't on it. 'Topes lose, 'Topes lose, 'Topes lose! (By the way, of the choir names in the top ten, Waffletoots is my absolute favorite. Take that, Soundsplosion!) Commercials.

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