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How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

Hey, Becky and Sue Sylvester would appreciate it if you would not call people "retarded." Just so you know.

Lima Bean. Kurt is telling Blaine all about the big New York adventure. The best part is a flashback to the hotel after the performance, where Santana is freaking out in Spanish and threatening to do "cosas malas" to Rachel, in the manner of bad things normally done in Lima Heights Adjacent. Blaine is surprised to hear that Kurt doesn't actually sound that upset. But Kurt still had the time of his life, and he won't let losing diminish his joy. Blaine: "I love you." Kurt's a little stunned, but he squeaks out "I love you too" before running home to write in his diary. Actually, before he runs home to write in his diary, he sees Mercedes and Sam. He calls out to them and they make small talk, which includes Kurt telling them that his plans for the summer include writing Pip, Pip, Hurray!, the Broadway musical about Pippa Middleton. Mercedes and Sam get in line for coffee. Where they surreptitiously hold hands. That's actually a little squee-worthy. (See, if Rachel and Finn didn't spend all their time moping about their relationship, I might actually care about it.)

Hallway. Santana is clutching her Rachel Berry voodoo doll when Brit approaches her and asks her if she's still pissed. Auntie 'Tana can't understand how Brit can be so calm. Brit's not happy they lost, but the thing she cared the most about during the year was the members of the Glee Club coming together as a family. I'm sorry, I don't recall seeing anyone throw a gravy boat at anybody else. Which means it's not like any family I've ever known. Brit tells Santana that she loves everybody in the Glee Club. Santana: "What about you and I?" My suggestion would be a summer school class on grammar. Oh, no, she's asking about their relationship. Brit: "I love you Santana. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone else in this world. All I know about you and I is, because of that, I think anything's possible." That's sweet. You still might want to consider that grammar class.

Library. Rachel finds Finn hiding in the stacks. He's feeling embarrassed about screwing up Nationals with his irresistible lips. Rachel tells him that art is about expressing your true feelings, and he tells her that his feeling in the moment he kissed her was that he loves her. And he thinks the kiss was worth it. She does too, but only because she's confident they can make it back to Nationals next year. She also tells him that after that happens, she's going to New York and never coming back. Finn: "Graduation's a year away. You have any plans 'til then?" Wait, he's supposed to be the dumb one.

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