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The Urge to Merge

He reports back to Jessica, who not only is impressed with Dana's balls, but expresses mild regret at hiring Harvey instead of her back in the day. Harvey brings up their slim resources, and suggests an idea for how they might turn it from a weakness to a strength. He figures Hardman is expecting them to be broke, which won't be the case if Pearson Hardman joins forces with Dana's rich firm. He figures that, being based in London, Dana's bosses will just sign the checks and Pearson Hardman can actually run things from here in New York. "And a side benefit is you don't lose to Scotty," Jessica says cannily. Harvey, also cannily, doesn't deny it. Jessica agrees, warning, "But you better make damn sure you don't lose with her." Yeah, that seems likely.

Mike finds Katrina Bennett in the conference room, already working on the Bakersfield cases and being kind of a high-handed asshole about it, claiming that Jessica assigned her to the case. They quickly end up in a pissing contest that even Mike's mad math skillz can't win for him. So he goes to Harvey to complain. Harvey in turn complains that he doesn't want to work with Scotty either, but she stole the Bakersfield clients from them so he's stuck. Mike freaks out and tells Harvey, "We're gonna lose World War II."

As long as we're having pissing contests, Donna finds Scotty in Harvey's office and ask what she wants. Ostensibly she means coffee or tea, but they're soon fencing about Scotty's intentions toward Harvey. Donna takes off when Harvey shows up, and Scotty and Harvey quickly agree to Harvey's suggestion to join forces, which Harvey has realized by now was her plan in the first place. "You got me," she smirks. But she knows how Harvey likes to come to things on their own. Which brings Harvey to how they're not starting in Bakersfield after all, because that's exactly what Hardman will expect. Instead, he wants to go to Parkville, which is the opposite of Bakersfield in that it's much harder to win. "And when we win it, all the others will surrender." As for how they're going to avoid tipping off Hardman, Harvey says they'll book travel for all seven of the first batch of jurisdictions. Dana says her firm can do better than that -- they should hit all 45. "Which is exactly what you wanted the whole time. " "You got me," Harvey smirks.

Mike goes to Katrina to apologize to her and say she can have Bakersfield all to herself. Unfortunately for his little scam, Jessica comes in and, after mentioning Parkville, tells them she's deposing Hanley Folsom in 36 hours so she needs them to find all the dirt they can on him. She also mentions that Katrina asked to be assigned, which is not what she told Mike, which Mike reminds her of the minute Jessica has left the room. In turn, Katrina calls Mike on not telling her about Parkville, so she figures he has a problem with her. He says yep, he has a problem with how she got hired. Which is also her problem with Mike. They argue about how Harvey basically bribed her with the job offer, which she didn't know until too late, and she tells him to get over it. Yes, I'd say these two need to fuck already.

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