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The Urge to Merge

Harvey and Dana are on her firm's corporate jet, which she tweaks him about a little bit before climbing into his lap. Harvey puts up some weak resistance based on the fact that they're working together, but she's going to get them both off in a technicality. If you know what I mean.

Donna finds Rachel in her office, looking shell-shocked, with a letter from Harvard in her lap. Donna quickly reads the situation and figures Rachel didn't get in. "I don't want to talk about it," Rachel says weakly. When Mike comes in, she quickly folds the letter away, saying she's ready to work as Donna makes herself scarce. Mike talks to Rachel about Hanley Folsom and his actual opinions about women, which he'd never voice at work, which means they need to get into his personal correspondence. Neither of them has any idea how to justify that, "but I have 62 boxes and 12 hours to find an idea," Mike says. "Exactly what I need to do let's go!" Rachel says.

Harvey and Dana wander through a Folsom Foods, until their banter is interrupted by a cheerful cry from behind them of "Parkville, Missouri!" from none other than Daniel Hardman. "Of all the places to run into you, Harvey!" Harvey quickly rallies as Hardman explains that he looked into Dana's flight plan. "Can't get around those pesky FAA regulations, can you?" He and Dana posture at each other a bit, and Harvey lets them head on into the deposition so he can take a call from Mike. Who's calling to say he found out why the person they're about to depose, Kathleen Mitchell, actually got promoted.

Cut to the deposition, where Kathleen is telling Dan and Harvey that she's one of 41 female management employees out of 612 in the region. Still, she's selling the company line that her employer doesn't discriminate. Harvey brings up the fact that she applied several times, unsuccessfully, before the language in her review changed. And then, against Hardman's (totally hypocritical) objections, he asks her about a hysterectomy due to uterine cancer that she had nine months before her promotion. "Hanley Folsom only promotes women whose attention to home and family isn't in question," Harvey concludes/ She claims Hanley Folsom didn't know, because she didn't tell anyone, but Harvey maintains he promoted her anyway because he found out. And after all, anyone with ideas that outmoded wouldn't ever think adoption. Dana quietly but angrily calls Harvey off, and Hardman ends the deposition, saying, "We'll see you in Bakersfield, And everywhere else." Considering USA's location budget, I think that's a pretty empty threat.

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