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The Shapeshifters of Things To Come
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A fleet of SUVs makes its way through an empty underground parking garage, red and blue security lights flashing, even though there's no one there. When they stop at some super-duper secret underground entrance, Broyles is there waiting, and it's Peter who gets out, looking a little dressed-down for the occasion in a black T-shirt and jeans. To be fair, he probably hasn't had time to hit the Gap since he got back from being naked in Reiden Lake. Broyles stares/glares at him, then turns and leads Peter and a bunch of agents down the hall and opens the electronic lock on some sort of holding cell with a cot on one wall and a table of chairs and a mirror, in front of which I'm sure Peter will be encouraged to tell all his secrets.

Elsewhere, Olivia shows up in the lab but there's no sign of Walter or Astrid. There is, however, a beeping sound that gets faster after a moment, as she heads to the back of the lab, where she finds Walter sitting in a chair, hooked up to some sort of intravenous apparatus that, as she approaches, injects a light blue liquid. Olivia urgently calls Walter's name, and after a moment he snaps awake, a little disconcerted to awaken to Olivia yelling at him.

She's relieved, at least, that Walter's awake, but a little concerned with Walter explaining that one syringe has sodium thiopental to help him sleep and the other one has adrenalin to wake him up. Like, did you ever hear of an alarm clock, Walter? Olivia wants to know, "Who sleeps like this?!" Just hipsters, now. Later, everyone.

Walter starts whining about a bunch of first-world problems, like this guy from his hallucinations who has shown up and is real, but no one will let Walter examine or even see him. Anyway, this is why he can't sleep.

Walter asks Olivia if the guy is speaking, and Olivia explains that he was, but has stopped cooperating so Broyles had him moved to a holding facility in the Federal Building and says Walter's the only person he'll speak to, which surprises Walter. "He's saying that his name is Peter Bishop. He says he's your son," says Olivia. Little more adrenalin for you there, Walter? Kinda looks like you could use it.

In Hillsdale, New York, a truck pulls up at a residence and a literally blue-collar guy walks into the house, where a woman is ransacking the drawers. "Hello," he says, and she stops what she's doing, and says hi. He stares at her for a moment and then finally says, "I thought you said you hated that sweater," and she, sounding like she's lying, says she thought she'd give it a second chance.

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