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The Shapeshifters of Things To Come

Broyles no-duhs that that will make them a lot harder to find, and Peter says it will make them impossible to find: "They replicate their victims down to the molecular level, including every last strand of DNA," he says, adding that if they can perfect the technology, they could replace any person, and short of performing surgery to find the memory disks, there's no way of knowing. Surely there's a way to detect the memory disks, though (I mean security-wise for, say, the Federal Building)? Are they made of organic material?

Over at Truss Laboratory, the good doctor is almost ready to fix up Nadine, and tells her to lie back, warning her that she may feel a little nauseous. But something else is wrong -- she starts to seize up, skin going haywire. Truss stares at her, confused, as her face gets all lumpy and then morphs into his wife's face. He's all, "What the HELL" and Nadine doesn't appear to know that she's changed, so she says, "What is it?" He asks why she looks like his wife. Fair question.

Nadine looks at her hands, realizes her cover story is shot, and just elects to grab Truss and throw him around a bit, reminding him that he promised to help her. Well, he kinda promised someone else, didn't he? I'm not sure you can kill people, impersonate them, and then try to lay on a guilt trip about a broken promise.

Back at the Federal Building, Peter stares perplexedly at his laptop and then buzzes for Broyles, who comes in. Peter tells him it's broadcasting some kind of signal, but he can't figure out whom yet. "I can't break the high-grade encryption without a significant increase in CPU cycles," he says. Meaning he wants a bigger computer. Oh, everyone in an office wants a bigger computer.

But Peter gets in, and is now plugged in to the computers out in the main office, with the data being decrypted on monitors for everyone to watch. "Those are co-ordinates," says Olivia, so they pull up a map of the city. Peter: "So what do luxury cars and shapeshifters have in common?" he asks, like this ISN'T AN APPLE PRODUCT LAUNCH, GET TO THE POINT. He says they both have LoJack systems. I'm sure the good people at LoJack will be thrilled at the product placement in the shapeshifting assassins from a parallel universe.

"I think whoever's in charge wants to keep an eye on his agents," says Peter. One of the plotted co-ordinates is the one they have at the federal building, but there's another one by the port. "I think you just found our shapeshifter," says Broyles. The team springs into action, given that Peter says whoever's monitoring that network will know that he breached it, so they could shut it down at any time.

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