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The Shapeshifters of Things To Come

And over at the port, Nadine is coughing, hard. She doesn't look like Truss's wife any more, but the big baby won't let it go. "How did you do that? Why did you look like my wife?" he says, angrily. Nadine tries to tell him that it's not important, that her offer to allow him to continue his research was sincere, but he's not at all interested in that right now. And I gotta say -- the fact that she morphed into looking exactly like the guy's wife? Probably pretty friggin' important.

Nadine talks about great progress requiring great sacrifice, and his work created her, and that he needs to step back and see things objectively as a scientist. "You let go of Karen long ago for a greater purpose. Don't let that all be for nothing," she says, rather conveniently leaving out the fact that she left Karen dead under a bed in his old house. Plus he can take back what William Bell took from him. Truss stares at her for a long, long time. I think his scientific curiosity combined with him likely suspecting his wife is dead plus him assuming that if he doesn't help then he's dead too all add up to him saying, "It may be possible to alter the compound to accommodate multiple genomes." They just have to induce a state of permanent hyper-replication, he says, but she grabs his hand hard as he's about to inject a bonding agent into the test tube, and icily tells him that she knows enough about biochemistry to know that restriction enzymes would fragment her DNA and trigger a massive internal hemorrhage. She squeezes his hand, breaking the test tube. Hey! He needs that hand for mad-scientificatin'! She tells him to finish what he started. She's not going to ask again. So it's like that!

They're running out of time, though, because Olivia and the FBI team has rolled up to the gate of Clifford's Seafood Exchange. Not that they know that, but Nadine is getting antsy. Truss says they need five minutes for the centrifugation process, and then they'll know if the serum's complete. Of course, it's probably taken him longer because his right arm's splinted and bandaged up. Guess she broke his hand.

And that's when the Fringe team starts storming the gates, led by Olivia and Lincoln Lee (go Team One!). Nadine hears them come in and calmly heads their way to lay down some fire, forcing our heroes to take cover.

Truss tries to get the serum out of the centrifuge and scoot, but Nadine grabs the serum and throws him through a railing, and then she shoots her past some guards who don't die even though their names aren't in the credits or anything. She makes her way to the roof, helped out by the way she's able to Spider-Man her way up a wall.

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