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The Shapeshifters of Things To Come

And since that the mystery of the sweater is solved, NOW the guy decides to ask why she's going through the drawers like a drunk looking for the bottle of whisky squirreled away somewhere. And she -- again, clearly lying -- lamely says she can't find the electric bill. Wait, an actual electric bill? Like one that's printed off and mailed? People still do that? Sounds like bullshit to me.

Buddy finally asks if this sweater-forgiving drawer-searching woman is OK, and she -- her eyes going to the key ring tethered to his belt -- says he's probably hungry, so she'll start dinner.

So he heads upstairs, saying he'll be right down and she stands in the kitchen, sweating, hands shaking. Then she hears the shower running and she goes upstairs, where Buddy has hung his pants over the door, keys dangling tantalizingly from the belt. She grabs them and heads straight for the safe in the closet, but she didn't even to check to see if he was actually in the shower yet, so he comes strolling out in his underwear wondering what she's doing.

She turns to look at him, and her skin is shimmering and translucent -- she's a shapeshifter! -- and this understandably freaks him out. She quite calmly asks him where his files are. He backs away from her in fear and falls to the floor, where he sees the corpse of his actual wife or girlfriend or friend-with-benefits or whatever under the bed. The shapeshifter picks him up and slams him against the wall, pinning him by the throat. Then she morphs in front of his face into an Asian woman. He does not seem to have a thing for Asians, though. Admittedly these aren't ideal circumstances to determine that sort of predilection. "What the hell are you!" he yells, and the woman, voice changing as she speaks, slides her hand up his face and says, "I'm only going to ask this once. Tell me where the files are." He appears to have absolutely no idea what she's talking about -- and really, if he's not talking after he's seen what he's just seen, I'd believe him, but either way, I suppose it's time for him to die.

I'm going to try not to imagine the entry point her thumb created in his skull, though. The spray of blood on her face is enough for me.

So after the opening credits, Walter -- venturing out of the lab again! -- is at the Federal Building. Astrid's along for moral support, clutching Walter's arm for dear life. Walter wants to know why they think there's any validity to this "Peter Bishop's" claim that he's related to Walter, and Broyles says a DNA sample they obtained from the IV (although you'd think Peter would have cheerfully volunteered one in order to prove it) and it's 99.7 per cent likely that he's related to Walter.

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