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The Shapeshifters of Things To Come

Peter clutches at Walter's arm, and Walter gets agitated and all "This interrogation is over!" and scrambles for the door while Peter shouts after him things like "How am I back?" and "You have to help me!" and "Why did you throw out all my old comic books!" I find myself really curious about what Peter's been experiencing for the past little while. He hasn't said anything about being trapped in some sort of netherworld, but Walter's visions of Peter involved him asking for help. Anyway, Walter's let out by Olivia, who exchanges a long look with Peter before the door closes.

Then her phone rings, and she's off to the crime scene from the opening sequence. Once there, she demands to know from Lincoln Lee why he dragged her to the scene of a robbery-homicide, and it's always amusing on a television show when someone asks that question AFTER DRIVING ALL THE WAY THERE FIRST instead of asking that question on the phone.

Lee tells her it's because the victims' skin is translucent, like the others killed by the shapeshifters. Olivia thought they killed the last of them in the train yard, and why she assumed that one was the LAST one I have no idea. Anyway, Lee says this is the home of Dr. Malcolm Truss, who used to work in the biotech division of Massive Dynamic. But the poor sad bastard who was tortured by the shapeshifter is Donald Kellen, Mrs. Truss's mechanic boyfriend. Dr. Truss moved out ages ago, but the house is still in his name. So that means the shapeshifter is still out there looking, deduces Olivia, the crime-fighting genius.

Lee says since he and his wife separated, Truss went off the grid. They're still trying to find an address for him. "Well, we should hurry on that," says Olivia. Great advice! I'd love to see Olivia as a coach: "We should score more points than the other team."

But they're already too late: in Eden, Vermont, a schlubby looking biotech scientist sits in his backyard garden dripping some green fluid into a watering can when his dog, Sebastian, comes up to bother him, because the dogs can always tell when you're about to be attacked by an alien, vampire, leprechaun or shapeshifter.

The Asian woman striding across his yard says his name, and he seems wary, as she demands confirmation that he worked at Massive Dynamic. He tells the "young lady" that she's trespassing and he wants her off his property, but her response is to pull a gun on him and tell him she needs his help. Try honey, not vinegar, lady.

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