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The Shapeshifters of Things To Come

At that moment, Walter is opening a box of trinkets -- little reel-to-reel wheels, toys. He picks up a shell and holds it to his ear, listening for the sea. He rummages through the box -- Peter is scrawled in a kid's printing on the underside of the lid -- and pulls out a coin and tries to roll it across his knuckles like they used to, but his hand is trembling much too much to do it very well. His face is halfway between a smile and a sob.

Gas station break in Rutland, Vermont! Truss tells Nadine, "I hope you have money." Ass, gas or grass, Truss. Nobody rides for free. Ehh, I suppose it doesn't matter. She has a gun, so either way they're getting gas. They get out of the car, and Truss has to tell Nadine that her nose is bleeding. She's surprised, and then unsure about accepting his offer to gas up the car while she cleans up, so he tells her that he said he'd help her, and he meant it, so she opens up her wallet -- well, the wallet of whoever Nadine was, and Truss notes the picture of the girl and asks if it's her daughter. "Yeeesss," says Nadine, practically adding, "My daughter! That's it! That's the ticket!" (Ask your parents. His name was Jon Lovitz.) She says her daughter's name is Hayley, and so Truss starts ruefully remembering how his wife wanted kids but he was too busy with work, and then when that ended, he was too busy being angry to pay attention to what she needed. He wistfully says that he hopes someday she'll let him be a part of her life again: "I hope she hasn't been murdered or anything, thus preventing us from ever reconciling. That would really ramp up the pathos here," he adds, finishing gassing up.

Nadine gives him some money to go inside and pay, and then she starts to scowl when she sees the state police cruiser pull into the gas station parking lot. She ducks around their car, out of sight, as the poor doomed state trooper radios back to HQ that he's spotted the vehicle they've been alerted to. He's told the suspect is armed and dangerous and that he should wait in his vehicle for backup. He's all "roger that" and turns to get back in his car, but Nadine's standing right there, and by the time Truss has paid for the gas and come back out to the car, the trooper is lying on the pavement, unconscious at least and most likely dead, tucked under the back end of the car.

Over at the Federal Building, Peter is hard at work tinkering with the shapeshifters' memory disk while Olivia and Lincoln discuss it (I assume they disabled Peter's jerry-rigged listening device). Olivia wonders if Lincoln thinks Peter can actually do anything with it, and he says Peter seems pretty confident about it. "He seems pretty confident in general," he adds. The word you're looking for is "cocky," Lincoln.

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