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Bold and the Beautiful

Bikal. Julia asks Michael how he feels about the split. Michael says he's happy with the new camp and the new tribemates so far, and they'll see how it goes. Phillip tells Corinne that he had a chat with Julia about potentially flipping and Corinne is, understandably, like, "Why do we need her? Why are you recruiting her?" Corinne interviews that Phillip must be the worst Federal Agent ever and she wonders what cases he worked on and if he's the reason our country is such a mess. After telling Phillip that she's not super concerned about getting a flipper now, Corinne finds Dawn and tells her what happened. Dawn is also gobsmacked and says that they can't leave Phillip alone for a minute because he's a loose cannon. Corinne interviews that she's thought about voting Phillip out. She concludes by telling Dawn that Phillip needs "a warm glass of shut the hell up." So they aligned with a known nutball and now they're surprised that he's doing nutty things?

The tribes arrive at the Immunity Challenge, which appears to be the same one that was aborted previously when Brandon got sent home. I mean, why waste a challenge? But some conspiracy theorists proposed that this challenge was meant for a stronger team to win easily, but that won't fly since they were supposed to do it with their original tribes. The challenge involves pairs of teammates running out and retrieving these giant cubes - they're over four feet per side and God knows how heavy. Once all of the cubes have been retrieved, the tribe has to assemble them into a staircase that spells Fans Vs Favorites, so they can't just randomly put the cubes anywhere; they need to be in specific spots.

First up, Eddie and Erik head out against Phillip and Julia. You know, I had a whole play-by-play typed up here but it was really dull to read. Here's what you need to know: Gota (the young people tribe) does really well. Bikal (the old/weak people tribe) struggles. Phillip goes out first for Gota and then takes his second trip later with Cochran, and gets lapped by Eddie and Malcolm (both on their second trip). Phillip returns, exhausted, and Michael tells him he needs to go out again. Phillip wonders why he has to go twice in a row, which is a good question. He's pretty slow, which is understandable since he's exhausted, and Gota starts assembling their staircase while Bikal still has two crates in the field.

Malcolm is calling the shots for Gota, telling them which crates to put where. Julia tries to tell her tribemates on Bikal where to put crates but no one listens to her, and Phillip just argues. They finally start moving crates and get one on top, and then Cochran points out that it should actually be on the bottom. They all just stand around and look tired while Gota gets their final crate in place and wins immunity. Probst tells Bikal that their performance was pathetic. Way to rub salt in the wounds, dude. Phillip interviews that he blames their loss on Corinne? I'm not sure why it was her fault. It seemed like a full tribal breakdown: Phillip shouldn't have gone twice in a row, someone should have taken point on the assembly of the staircase, they should have planned better. And ultimately, the other tribe is just younger and stronger.

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