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What It Takes To Walk

Mogo Mogo returns to camp with their goodies. Ethan talks rapturously about the kabobs, and inhales the smoke when Colby starts grilling them up. "The steak kabobs," Colby interviews, "were more delectable than...excuse me while I clear the saliva out of my mouth." Hee. We see them all eating their lovely dinners. Ethan says he doesn't even eat meat -- but oh, yes, he's eating this particular meat. In fact, he "wanted to rub [his] face in it" and "wanted to sleep next to it." Heh heh. Lex mentions to the group that he's hoping there's not ill will at Chapera for not sharing the food, and Shii Ann assures him that most of Chapera wanted to play, too. Colby brings up the fact that with the loss of Sue and the loss of the challenge, Chapera is going to be laid pretty low. They comment that it's a good thing Hatch wasn't at the challenge, and Lex is horrified at the thought of how that scene would have progressed if he had been. Kathy assures all of them that Hatch would "be mortified," because he "does have a soul." Which I guess makes him more soulful than the utterly non-mortified Kathy herself. Shii Ann babbles in an interview that as much of a jackass as Hatch may be, he would never have purposely violated Sue. Which I agree with in the sense that I think he wouldn't have done it if he knew she was going to suffer this much over it, but...I mean, that's part of why you don't do that shit. That's part of why you respect people's personal space and you don't use nudity as a way of intimidating them, because the more freakish your efforts to unsettle people become, the harder it is to predict what buttons you're going to push in your endless effort to be provocative. Back at the fire, Kathy is already on to her "blame Sue" phase. "Angry woman," she says. Shii Ann says, "She must have been feeling something awful for twenty-four hours to have exploded like that." Shii Ann then interviews that she felt terrible for Sue that Sue felt so awful about it. "Very mixed emotions," says Shii Ann. Kathy: "I thought it was brutal, I know it's a horrible thing that happened, but my God." She finishes up with this gem: "That was hard for all of us to hear." Yeah, really hard

In perhaps the worst contestant interview I have ever heard, Kathy elaborates: "I don't like [Sue] for it, I'm sorry. I know she went through a lot. Still. You've got to learn how to contain your emotions. I was really offended that she'd bring us that far into her core of hatred. Didn't like it. So, I don't know if that's mean-spirited, but [shrug] it's how I feel." Yes, Kathy, it's mean-spirited. More to the point, it's jaw-droppingly self-absorbed to the point of almost being funny. Note that she's not saying she thinks Sue blew it out of proportion, she's not saying she doesn't think Hatch didn't intentionally humiliate her, she's not saying she thinks Sue had some ulterior motive...she's just saying that no matter what happened to Sue, she should have kept those feelings to herself to avoid, I guess, inconveniencing other people with them. "You've got to learn to contain your emotions"? That's utter nonsense in this context. I'm totally receptive to Amber's position that it got blown up because of the conditions, or to the position lots of people take that she had too much time to think about it and got herself all wound up, or to the position that she's obviously got issues of her own that have nothing to do with Hatch that are all over this situation -- I actually agree with all of that. I even understand -- even while disagreeing with -- the position that she may have blown it up for attention or money. But this? This idea that even if you feel the way Sue was feeling, you owe it to others not to leave your dirty emotional footprints on the floor, lest they "not like you" for making them look at your mess? That's asking Sue, in my opinion, to do the wrong math. It's fine if you want to say she overmeasured her own pain, but to say she should have measured her pain against your discomfort and spared you her troubles, that's just...I think that's wrong. And again, it disheartens me, because generally, I like Kathy.

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