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What It Takes To Walk

But you know what else gets me? Kathy didn't see it. She's the one person you know didn't see any of it. That's why she doesn't claim it was or it wasn't blown out of proportion. She doesn't have a clue what happened, not one damn clue. She was facing the opposite way. You'll notice that everyone else who didn't see it (meaning the rest of Kathy's tribe) has pretty much chosen at least to offer some gestures that suggest sympathy or concern, without turning around and condemning Hatch as some kind of a sex offender. And almost everyone who did see it -- meaning Chapera -- has called it "disgusting" or something similar at some point or another. But Kathy? She has no idea. She doesn't have eyes in the back of her head -- you can look at the tape and see that she can't see it. She got bumped into while it was going on, but she has no idea what happened, and yet she somehow knows that Sue should have "contained her emotions." It's a hell of a thing, claiming to be that sure, and risking being that particular kind of wrong, when you have literally zero knowledge of what occurred.

Night falls. Around the fire, Rob asks Rupert whether he thinks Sue was "influenced" to leave the game. Rupert says, "No. By her own greed when she said to me, 'I'm suing that fucker for ten million dollars." Apparently, Rupert missed a few classes at Hyperbole School. ["Although if she did say that, I kind of wish we could have seen it." -- Wing Chun] Moreover, the fact that it occurs to you after something happens when you're incredibly angry that you could sue somebody doesn't mean you're inventing how angry you are so that you can sue them. Half of the people in America react by yelling about suing every time they don't get their way. They don't actually do it, in the vast majority of cases, it's just the threat of choice for people who feel helpless. It's not admirable, but it doesn't make you a fraud. For Rupert to call Hatch's behavior "disgusting" and then watch Sue leave the way she did and still conclude that her motivation was "greed" just indicates to me that he has all of the sensitivity I have always given him credit for. What an arrogant, self-satisfied ass, seriously. Rupert then sits around and bitches about how her leaving was "a hell of a gift" to Mogo Mogo. Way to keep your eye on the ball, there, dude. Rupert then interviews that with the departure of Hatch, Sue's leaving, and Chapera's losing the challenge, they were almost done for. Does he remember that Hatch wasn't on their team, so he doesn't get to count that as a point against Chapera, when Hatch left? Yeah, I didn't think so. Moron. Rupert and Rob lecture the tribe about staying strong after a merge and blah dee blah, and I hate these people so much I can barely look at them without spitting. They all make a pact to stay together.

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