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What It Takes To Walk

The next day, Rupert goes to pick up the mail, which shows them that there's no challenge. Chapera shares a "moment of silence for Sue," which is initiated by Alicia and starts out not really mocking but not entirely serious either, just kind of like, "Sigh." But then they all break by saying they're going to eat, and Rupert gives his booming asshole laugh, because God forbid you'd show any compassion for someone you didn't like who isn't even there anymore. You should definitely stage a large and showy celebration so that if she gets to see it later, she can know for sure that you could give a shit about how she felt or the circumstances under which she left. Amber gives a perky speech about how they made the sad moment into a happy moment, and then we go to the part of the episode that convinced me that some of these people are in desperate need of some comeuppance of some kind of biblical magnitude. Basically, Boston Rob tells Big Tom that now that Sue's gone, they can sing a song. And what's the song? "Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead." Which Tom dances to obligingly. There just are no words for how unbelievably shitty that is. Sue's not competing with them, she doesn't want anything from them...I mean, the whole time she was there after that happened -- which was one day -- she never really even allowed them, let alone asked them, to comfort her or understand how she was feeling. Whether you think she blew it up or not, by the time she left, she was obviously distraught, and most of them acknowledged themselves that it was because something bad happened to her. Something you know was totally out of line causes somebody on your tribe to break down and leave, and all you can do is sing and dance about it? Jesus. You don't have to send her a card, but you don't have to spit on her, either. I just don't understand it. Just...don't. I mean, aren't they afraid of how they're going to feel if it's exactly what she said it was, and she left for no other reason than that she felt sexually humiliated? Is that a cause for celebration?

"It was heart-wrenching," Rob says with a laugh at the end. "It's hard to get over," Tom laughs back. Amber sits absolutely miserably on the nearby bench, with the guys and Rupert -- who's laughing right along -- paying no attention to how she or Alicia is reacting. Alicia interviews that she herself wasn't crazy about the dancing. She knows Tom and Sue didn't get along, but the insensitivity of that "is pretty crummy." I could not have said it better, even though I just spent a couple of paragraphs trying. "Crummy" is exactly the right word. Simple, to the point...I wish I'd thought of it. Alicia goes on to offer the only tribute Sue's going to get, which is that she was "valuable." She was "hard-core," "like a guy." Amber, on the other hand, lectures about how unfortunate it is that Sue failed the "true test" because she couldn't "keep it together." Wow, I'm so sorry she failed you, Amber. There's supposed to be some kind of happy fade-out for Chapera here about how they just keep on keeping on in spite of everything, but I'm just not feeling it.

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