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What It Takes To Walk

Over at Mogo Mogo in the upper level (which is looking kind of good, actually), Colby and Shii Ann are talking. She's asking about what she refers to as comments he made about "flying under the radar," where actually what I think he referred to was "coasting." But either way, she interviews that she brought this up because Colby called out her strategy last night. Colby tells her that she generally does just ask to be told what they're doing, which is a strategy he doesn't really respect. I think he's kind of full of shit, but on the other hand, she's getting what she deserves for asking about it, for God's sake. He says it's very easy to take direction from others and let them be the bad guy, just as Colby was yesterday. He then interviews that he thinks sitting in the tent and waiting to be given instruction is a lame-ass way to play the game. "That's an easy game to play," he says. "It's an easy game to make it a long way. I don't have any respect for that." But -- but -- oh, never mind. In a different interview, Shii Ann complains that Colby was all, "lecture lecture lecture," and she's rolling her eyes, and...if she hadn't gone to him to talk about it, I might see her point. But...she did. Shut up, Shii Ann. She also talks much too much about his good looks and straight teeth, and when you're hating a guy and also expositing on his hotness in a sort of an offhanded way? You are fooling no one. I mean, I feel her pain on the hot and annoying, but...please. We see Colby tell her that it takes more than showing up and voting to be a player. She then interviews, "He doesn't respect my game; I don't necessarily respect his...we're equal...but I'm not dumb enough to tell him that." What? Not respecting each other doesn't make you equal! Only being equal makes you equal! She's crazy. ["She's also annoying and dumb. I swear, I would like to know who at CBS went to the bat to put her in as an All-Star." -- Wing Chun]

Back at Chapera, a lizard observes as Sue tries to pick out "a lucky coconut" from several that are on the ground. She picks it up and shakes it, and Rupert comes in all talking about how it would be great to go into a merge at 7-4. Or even 7-5. Well, they probably won't merge at twelve, I don't think, because that's a little unmanageable. That's more like singing madrigals than playing Survivor. Rupert happily says that such an outcome would guarantee them all spots as the last seven, because as we all know, a seven-person alliance is an extremely easy thing to keep together, provided you have a big cage and four or five cattle prods. Alicia interviews that the old Chapera is still sitting back and watching Rupert and Jenna, who are new to the tribe. She says that among other things, they're waiting to see who Mogo Mogo voted out. In a round table discussion, Rupert speculates that it's Jerri. Tom suggests that it might be Hatch. "I wish," Alicia says firmly. "Richard probably is making them insane," Rupert says. "I would do my damnedest to have him voted off the first time we lost." Sue adds that she hopes he's booted. "They better talk to Richard about what he did to me at that challenge," she says with some concern. "That was disgusting," Rob says again. Sue interviews that as far as getting naked, that's not a big deal at this point. "We're over it," she says. But then she goes on to describe how she got rubbed, and that the rubbing was a whole different story. Back at camp, she adds that Hatch should also go because he's a winner, and she doesn't want winners around anyway. She seems to be okay at this point, although still pretty irritated about the challenge. Fortunately, it's time for a commercial. Enjoy the break while you can.

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