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What It Takes To Walk

Morning comes to Chapera on Day 17. Sue complains that nights are really long at camp -- twelve hours of darkness or so. She says that she thought about the Hatch incident all night long, and kept waking up and thinking about it again. "And started feeling really bad," she says, and starts to get teary. "Like, why'd he have to touch me? He didn't touch nobody else. Why didn't he just walk by me?" Sad music accompanies her as she walks on the beach. Amber approaches Alicia as they both look at Sue walking by herself. "Is Sue not doing good?" Amber asks. "She was in tears just a minute ago," Alicia says. "You know why? Because the more she thinks about it, she's like, 'My husband's going to know about this, he's going to freak out,' and it's...not a good scenario for her." "Probably wants to be alone right now, huh?" Amber says.

Sue lies on the beach by herself, flat on her back. Alicia interviews that when they woke up in the morning, Sue was clearly not herself: "I didn't realize how much she had been affected by what happened to her until she started to cry." Alicia sits by Sue, still lying on her back, and says, "It's affecting us because it's affecting you. I mean, we're more worried about you than anything." Sue tells Alicia without looking at her, "I mean, it's, like, gross, I've lived with one partner for twenty years and never even thought about kissin' another guy." "There's nothing you could do, Sue; you know he's not going to be mad at you." "There's something I can do, and I ain't getting it done laying on this beach," Sue says miserably. Alicia tells her just to get it all out of her system, and Sue just kind of groans unhappily. "She just couldn't control her tears," Alicia says. "And she couldn't control her anger. It's really hard to try to console somebody who feels that way." Amber and Jenna meet up with Rob and Alicia, and all of them talk. Amber and Alicia agree that it was the long night of thinking about it that got Sue much more upset. "She's thinking about it..." Alicia says, and Rob adds, "She's thinkin' about her husband." Good call. He then says to Amber, "It's like another one of those situations, Amb-ah, where, she just fuckin' around because, like, she's a smart play-ah, and she's trying to get some money outta this, wants to sue him, or is this, like, somethin' that's like really botherin' her." He finishes up with, "In a situation this serious, you can't even screw around, you gotta give her the benefit of the doubt." He then interviews that there are three possibilities. First, Sue wants to sue somebody and get a ton of dough. Second, she wants to get sympathy within the game. Third, she's "really emotionally distraught by the whole thing." He finishes, "Nobody knows what Sue's thinkin' except Sue." Amber says, back at the beach conference, that she thinks that at first, maybe Sue mostly wanted to get Hatch in trouble for it, but now it seems like it's legitimately bothering her. In an interview, Amber now says something sort of insightful (!), which is that Sue wound up having a lot of time to think about it, and "when you're out here playing this game, your mind does crazy things." She thinks that in another setting, it might not have been such a big deal. And boy, I agree with that.

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