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Interrogating Shane's Flapping Shirt

Jeff reminds us that Terry kept the car curse alive, and then says that they will be giving away a GMC Yukon to the person who won the audience voting. When Jeff throws it out for audience yelling, I feel like I'm hearing mostly "Cirie," and, indeed, Cirie takes home the new equivalent of Rupert's Million, so very much less offensive when it's not the same prize you'd get for winning. Jeff promises that after the break, we'll get the preview of next season.

When we return, Jeff tells us that next season they will be going to one of the "most stunning locations" the show has ever known. It turns out that we are headed to the Cook Islands. Which are beautiful, yes, but which are a tropical island again, know, I liked it when we got something a little different in the Amazon and Guatemala. People strolling on the beach gets a little know, after a while, you just feel like you've seen it, no matter how good beaches are. I'm not sure what the theme is going to be here, unless it's...exploration in American history? I really hope it doesn't turn out to have anything to do with pirates. He also promises us that Exile Island will be back, which is...good? Anyway, he says that in the fall, we will see Survivor: Cook Islands.

Apparently, there has been some kind of a horrible falling-out with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, because the proceeds from the auction are going to Operation Smile. Oh, and Jeff encourages you to apply to be on the show. I do not so much encourage you to apply to be on the show. You probably have better things to do with thirty-nine days of your life.

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