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Interrogating Shane's Flapping Shirt

And then Terry, trying to explain just how invigorating he found the experience of competing against Aras, says this: "Two mature guys, gettin' it on, strappin' it on, and makin' it happen. It was great." Okay. "Two mature guys, gettin' it on" would have been funny enough. "Two mature guys, gettin' it on and makin' it happen" would have been even funnier. The addition of "strappin' it on" -- strapping it on -- makes this truly one of the most unintentionally funny things ever said on this show, and nobody sitting behind Terry even raises an eyebrow except in apparent respect for his actual comment. Did no one hear the part where Terry said that he and Aras "strapped it on"? How can there be so many reality-show contestants in one place, and no one is immature enough to even look shocked? Jeff declares that Terry should also be congratulated for coming in third, and Terry straps -- I mean claps -- for himself, as expected. He applauds on the basis of merit, people; there's nothing he can do. Jeff explains that Terry defied a numbers disadvantage by winning immunity challenges. Of course, one could argue that Terry chose the worst way to approach the numbers disadvantage, which was to play so unstrategically that he put all his eggs in the basket of individual immunity. It looks kind of like a good choice now, but at the time it was probably the least intelligent call to make. Still, it's a lot of immunity wins. Terry came closer to escaping his own incompetent social play than most people could have, that's for sure.

Jeff asks Terry how frustrated he got, reminding him that he made the comment about "moms not being as important" -- remembering to mention the fact that the show is airing on Mother's Day -- and confronts him about having yelled at Cirie for putting her torch down in a way that did not please him. To his credit, Terry basically admits that Cirie was right that when he would do things like lecture her about the torch, he was actually mad about what was going on in the game, in that case because Shane had been booted. Terry quickly changes the subject away from his own jerky behavior and congratulates the former Casayans for sticking together as well as they did. "Yes, it frustrated me," he says. Clearly, the story Terry is telling himself in his head is the There Was Nothing More I Could Have Done story. He has concluded that the Casayans were simply too tough, so it doesn't matter that he never had much of a plan more sophisticated than "How would you like to make the game easier for me and harder for yourself? Doesn't that sound great?"

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