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Interrogating Shane's Flapping Shirt

Jeff throws it to commercials by asking, on behalf of a young and curious viewer, how Aras kept his hair faux-hawked all the time. Aras says that Cirie was his hairdresser, and that all the women would help prop his hair up before each challenge. I can't believe that question resulted in such a boring answer. I'm not sure what I expected, but it was sure something better than that.

After the commercials: The woman who was afraid of leaves! And: the 2007 GMC Yukon given to the most deserving person, according to the internet! Not that we're saying those things are related! Necessarily!

When we come back, we see the shots of when Tina discussed Cirie's fear of leaves, and of Cirie telling all of us couch-dwellers to "stay on the couch." But then, there was the wrestling challenge, and I think the show correctly identifies that as a turning point for Cirie. And then there was her fish! And the part where she underestimated herself! When we come back to the show, Jeff tells Cirie that in casting, they were drawn to her personality in spite of lots of good reasons not to cast her. He congratulates the show (and, by extension, himself) for including her, and the audience and rest of the cast applaud enthusiastically. Asked why she got up off the couch and applied, Cirie simply says that she "decided to take a chance." Jeff asks her about the first day she spent in the game, and Cirie says that she "hated all [her] friends and family" for not telling her not to go. Heh. Over time, of course, she logically learned to hate her tribemates instead. She adds that her experience really was very bad at the beginning, and that all she was looking to do was not embarrass the family by going out first. As Jeff notes, this is apparently why she worked so hard in the first episode to get rid of Tina. Jeff asks Cirie how the game has changed her, and she answers that she's "off the couch," and adds that it really did fill her with confidence, and she got rid of her fears of disappointing people and of failure. And of leaves, presumably.

We go to Hunny Bunny in the audience, who stands up and applauds. Jeff asks him how proud he is of Cirie. H.B. says that when he was out there, he was impressed with the way Cirie took charge of what needed to get done. He tells everyone flat-out that she typically doesn't like to be "too cold or too hot," and you get the impression that she's been a bit of a hothouse flower in some ways. He says that for her to be out there and doing this was "mind-blowing." He ultimately breaks down with emotion himself. Oh, H.B. You're so cute.

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