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Interrogating Shane's Flapping Shirt

Jeff points out that Shane was initially hesitant to admit how hard being out in the wild would be, and he follows up with a question about what Shane thinks now. Shane cannot say enough about how difficult it is, and he says that he always underestimated when watching at home how much the "depletion" is. Jeff also asks Shane about Boston, and about what Boston's take was on watching his crazy dad on television. Shane doesn't even answer the question before giving a giant shout-out to Boston's mom for how awesome she is, obviously crediting her for the fact that he was able to go away at all and know that his twelve-year-old was in good hands. He wishes Boston's mom a happy Mother's Day. Shane, stop not sucking! It's very confusing! Boston is in the audience, by the way, and has cut his hair, which is probably a good thing. Cute kid. Shane tells us that he warned Boston that he was nutty, and says that Bird (Boston's mom) tends to be in charge of sanity anyway, but he did give the warning that this was "on a whole 'nother level." Apparently, Boston was surprised/amused by his father's issuing of a death threat in public, and Shane offers a pretty funny retelling of the conversation in which he confirmed to his child that he threatened to kill someone. Probably kind of embarrassing, even though it was Courtney.

Jeff now uses Mother's Day to transition into the most depressing, maudlin, and ultimately kind of gross part of the reunion show, which is the discussion of Tina's son Charlie, and the fact that he died, and the way that she was originally supposed to be in Guatemala and didn't go. And...the thing about this entire segment is that it makes me so glad again that she went home early so that the season wasn't about this. I'm sorry, because I know that makes me sound cold, but that's how I felt. I don't watch this show to see people's personal misery and despair played out in public. It's too much, and I feel ill-equipped to process it. Jeff talks to Tina that she touched everyone when she shared Charlie's story, and he asks her how she is. She basically tells him that you get up every day, but she makes it clear that there's really no such thing as "okay," ever, when you've lost your kid. Which, as I understand it, is what a lot of people say. Tina takes a shot at teasing Cirie about being evil for getting rid of her, and then Jeff asks her about what kind of feedback she got. Tina says that lots of people got in touch with her to give condolences and so forth, and Jeff tells her to tell the story of a particular email she got. It turns out that Tina got an email from another family that was somehow involved in the accident with Charlie. She says that she's become friends with the people, and it's kind of hard to tell, but it sounds like maybe it's actually the parents? Of another kid? I'm not sure. In any event, it's people who were involved in the accident who she hadn't previously seen or talked to. I already want so much for this to be over, because the juxtaposition of this and tribal council is too much for me to bear, really.

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