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Red Dawn

Elsewhere on the streets of a decimated Metropolis, Zod is dragging Clark around by the ankle like he thinks he's Adam Lambert. The sun above them is still red. Clark really should waited to go to the tower until after the yellow sun came back. Zod converses with Clark despite the fact that the latter is barely conscious. "I should have known you'd come after me. All to save a doomed race. When faced with a crumblin' world, these humans would rather die than unite under a single leader!" This can't possibly come as a shock to him, I mean, has he read nothing of human politics of the past few millennia? He finally decides he's dragged Clark around enough and stops to speechify some more about stupid humans. They really need to stop writing these overly dramatic, contempt-filled speeches, because Callum Blue's delivery is just comically petulant. He does so much better with subtle menace. Lois, unseen by Zod, scampers behind a car and makes eye contact with Clark. He shakily gets up on his knees, defiantly telling Zod that humanity will never lose its spirit. Zod knocks him back down with his fingertips. Zod turns his back and walks a few steps away for absolutely no reason, but it allows Lois a chance to slide the (stupidly still sheathed) kryptonite knife over to Clark. Just as Clark reaches for it, Zod steps on his hand. "Goodbye, son of Ja-Welle," Zod says, and kicks Clark into a pile of concrete rubble. Lois runs out from behind the car, calling his name. Zod steps in front of her. He grabs her, but lets her go when he notices his beloved tower is suddenly acting wonky. Sparks shoot out of the top and the red skies give way to blue. The red sun turns yellow. Yes, just like that. Clark, now restored to his super self, calls out, "Your reign of terror is over, Zod!" Oy, this dialogue. He tells Zod he's sending Lois back to the past to stop the tower being built. Zod explodes in a rage. "You chose to fight me! You forced me to unleash my power!" Oh man. This dialogue! It's like flames... flames on the side of my face! Clark, telling Zod that he never gave humanity a chance, takes the ring from his pocket. He pauses for ages to look at the ring, giving Zod a chance get off one more line about humanity making Clark weak before stabbing him with the kryptonite knife. You can totally see the outline of the blood pack under Tom Welling's shirt. Clark, using a last bit of strength, tosses Zod into the side of a nearby van. Zod falls. Clark falls. Lois runs over to him. He tells her to take the ring and go back to the past, but she's worried she won't see him again. Girl, you are going to the past. He exists there. They kiss goodbye. Just as Clark slips the ring onto Lois's finger, Alia shows up and, despite the fact that the sun is yellow and she should have no powers (hmmm...), she superzips over to Lois and grabs her hand. Both of them are transported to the past in a flash of pink light.

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