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Red Dawn

A close-up on Lois's unconscious face takes us to a flashback of her fighting with Tess and then picking up the Legion ring. Next thing she knows, there's a flash of light and she's lying facedown on the floor. Also, the ring is completely on her finger now even though we just saw her barely pick it up. She struggles to stand up. Everything around her is bathed in red light. She calls out: "Where are you, Tess? Don't start what you can't finish!" She drops the bravado long enough to have a good look at her surroundings. The once-familiar Daily Planet office is a shambles. A desk that she touches is covered in dust. She looks up at the window where red light is streaming through the broken stained glass. Wandering out of the lobby and into the street beyond, she passes several flyers that show an image of a fist with the words "For Our World" underneath. Outside, the buildings are in ruins. Lois has her first look at the gigantic -- and I mean gigantic -- red sun where our pert little yellow sun used to be. She hears a whooshing sound behind her and turns around. She sees Tess and Zod's solar tower, one side of which looks to be pretty wrecked for some reason, while the other side is shooting some kind of radiation up at the sky. Something flies out of the tower and, oh Lordy, I have it paused on a frame while I write this, and the CGI is terrible. You can see the sloppy outline of where the image was cut out and applied to the background. Anyway, it turns out to be one of Zod's soldiers, wearing a Z-symbol shirt and a long black leather coat. The silhouette of this shot in Lois's visions made it look like Clark, by the way, but I don't know whether it's a retcon now or if it was a red herring then. Either way: boo! He asks Lois why she's out of uniform. "Maybe because I dropped out of Girl Scouts years ago," she sasses. At this point, he notices she's bleeding from a wound on her temple, which means she's one of those filthy, filthy humans. He tells her this area's off limits to humans. Lois, thinking she's dreaming, wonders why he's got such an attitude. "It's not your place to ask questions," he says. Lois: "I'm a reporter, asking questions is in my blood." Man, look around. I don't think being a reporter is going to get you much pull around here. He makes a threat about spilling that question-laden blood and Lois has the sense to run for it. He zips in front of her, cutting her off. "The Red-Blue Blur will stop you," she says. He points out that the Blur is powerless under a red sun. "Look around you," he says. "Your Blur is dead." He glances up at something and Lois follows his gaze to the Blur's tattered black shirt hanging from a broken beam like a warning flag. The red sun blazes behind it. Somebody save the sun!

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