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Red Dawn

Zod, changing the subject, says, "I understand you were seen talking to Clark Kent. It was only a matter of time before the resistance got to him." So I guess he thinks Lois is part of the resistance? The dialogue on this show is so awful. How can they exposit so much while explaining so little? Lois disavows any knowledge of a resistance and says Clark would back her up if he were there. "The only reason Clark is still alive is because I had hoped he would join us, to bridge the gap between our people," Zod lip-flaps. Lois looks at him like he's crazy, which he kind of is, God love 'im. Tess joins the conversation by saying she's tried to get Clark to join them and see all the good work they're doing, but he isn't going to come around. "Which is why neither of you is any good to me alive," Zod says to Lois, getting up in her face. He orders a double execution to send a message to those who would defy him. Lois's chin quivers. Even Tess seems a little shocked. A single tear falls down Lois's cheek.

After the commercials, the festivities have moved to the terrace outside the all-purpose office. That female soldier who isn't Alia has joined Tess, Zod, and Lois, along with a nondescript male soldier. These characters really need names, damn it. Tess poses in a Kandorian kneel in front of Zod. He says, "Today, as two lives end, another begins." He gifts her with a Kandorian dog tag, which he places around her neck. "Rise, soldier," he tells her, and she does, looking quite proud of herself. Lois fidgets with rage. Then, for some damn reason, they all head down the hall and back into the all-purpose office. I guess it was so Lois could walk in and see Clark being held under guard by four soldiers. Clark: "Take my life and let her live!" Does that ever work? Zod commends Clark for his bravery, but Clark's defiance has forced Zod's hand. Clark is pushed to his knees by the soldiers. Zod unsheathes a long, shiny sword. "I wanted you to join me on this new Earth," he whispers. "But now I must bury you beneath it." Ugh. I hope you didn't spend a lot of time coming up with that, Zoddy Poo, because that was terrible. He raises the sword, but before he can bring it down again, a glowing green arrow shoots through the window and hits one of the soldiers square in the chest. Clark takes advantage of the distraction and grabs Lois. Black-clad and masked resistance fighters break through the overhead windows and rappel into the room. They all have crossbows equipped with kryptonite arrows. Another soldier is shot and drops. The non-Alia female soldier leads Zod out of the room to get him away from the kryptonite. He resists with a long, hateful look back at Clark, but eventually superzips away with her. One of the fighters slits a soldier's throat with a kryptonite blade; even though only his eyes are visible, you can tell the fighter is Oliver. He throws a knife into the last soldier's chest. The room now secure, he removes his mask. He removes Lois's cuffs and they hug each other. "Am I glad to see you and your band of merry men," she sighs. "It's not my band," Oliver corrects her. "It's hers." He looks over his shoulder to where Chloe is just removing her hat and mask. Lois hugs her. Chloe's manner seems strangely distant. The whole reunion has an air of awkwardness. Luckily, the sound of a woman whimpering in pain grabs Oliver's attention, or they'd probably be standing there forever trying to find something to say.

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