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Red Dawn

A flash takes him to the resistance headquarters. That defiant fist sign from earlier is duplicated on a big cloth banner here. Chloe leads Lois and Clark to a table where she spreads out a map to plan their next steps. Clark wants to take a stand against Zod. He tells Chloe about the Legion ring that brought Lois a year into the future and thinks she can use it to go back in time and keep Zod from building the tower. Only problem is, Zod has the ring now. Chloe thinks it's not a bad plan, but: "Why should I trust you now? You already left us once to fight on your own." She's all hard-edged and unforgiving, unlike the Chloe of the present day. Clark looks abashed. Oliver joins the group to add his accusations of abandonment to Chloe's. Clark admits he was wrong for trying to take Zod on by himself. "But I'm here now." Chloe doesn't look too impressed. Lois sticks up for Clark, even though she can't understand why Clark would try to take on Zod. She reminds them they're all in this together. Clark tells them that if they can shut down the tower and bring back the yellow sun, he'll be able to get the ring back. "Maybe," Chloe admits. "But I still don't trust you." Chloe and Oliver techno-magic-babble about how the towers collect the sun's radiation, turns it red, beam it back to the LuthorCorp satellites, and then the radiation is beamed back to Earth, giving the Kandorians their powers. The very small part of my brain that has a tiny grasp on physics just kaploded. Lois points out that they're outnumbered and have no chance of reaching the tower. Chloe says they don't have to, because they have the Watchtower, which she powered down so that the Kandorians couldn't find it. They couldn't find the huge brick penis jutting up into the Metropolis skyline? Huh. Anyway, Chloe says she can go back there now and use the computers to upload a virus that will shut down Zod's tower. And y'all are waiting till just now to do this? Clark tells them that if they bring back the yellow sun, he'll do the rest. Lois, for once, asks a very sensible question: "How does turning the sun yellow make Clark our number one draft pick for taking on this Zod guy?" Chloe, Clark, and Oliver all exchange secretive looks but don't tell her the truth. The truth could only help her when she goes back to the past, but for the sake of silly drama, they all remain mum. All Clark says is, "Zod and I have a history." What, did the two of you date for a while? His explanation makes as much sense to Lois as it does to me, judging by the expression on her face,

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