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Red Dawn

There's a blood-red full moon hanging in the night sky. Seems like it would be pinkish instead of red, but that physics part of my brain is still dead, so what do I know? Clark is in the shambles of a building we saw in Lois's opening vision last week. Shirtless, he bends over a basin of water to wash his face. Lois opens the door and peeks inside, looking uncharacteristically timid. He asks if she's OK. She lists all the unbelievable things she's experienced that day, the most unbelievable of which is that Clark and Chloe are no longer friends. She lets herself into the room and closes the door behind her. "It's not her fault; I turned my back on her," Clark says. He turns his back to Lois in classic soap confessional fashion. "After you disappeared, I couldn't be around Oliver or Chloe. They reminded me of you and that hurt too much." This would be so much better if I could buy this level of passion and drama from the stage their relationship was in last May. Lois looks touched. Clark says he left to train himself to fight Zod. She wants to know what he meant by having a "history" with him. For no good reason, he still doesn't tell her the truth. "Let's just say I made some mistakes." Lois walks up to him, teary-eyed, and tells him to stop beating himself up. They could all die tomorrow, she says. "Lois, I died when you left," Clark says. Oy. Don't oversell it, show. They kiss and he unbuttons her shirt. They fall back onto the bed and then there are a series of slo-mo, red-tinged shots of them having sex while sad orchestral music plays. Echoing the scene from last week, Clark's voice says, "I wish we had more time," but this is a 41-minute episode and there are commercials yet to air.

Belle Reve. Emil is shining a light into an unconscious Clark's eyes, trying to get his attention. He remains unresponsive. Chloe walks into the room behind him, saying that an ambulance is on the way. She also says some crazy shit about Stuart losing a lot of blood, but still being alive, and from the complete lack of panic in her voice you'd think he suffered a flesh wound when we just saw the back of his head get damn near blown off. Tess is OK, too, but she's been relegated to some off-screen place. Why do they not turn her in to the police is beyond me. Emil thinks he can pull Lois and Clark out of their locked brains but Chloe wants to leave them plugged in for a while. Emil's all, "But it's putting their lives in danger!" Chloe tells him if he pulls Clark out now, more people's lives will be at stake. This is his chance to find out why Alia came back from the future to tell him he would destroy the world. Clark twitches on the floor between them and a flash of light takes us to...

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