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Red Dawn

...the Watchtower of the future. Techno-rock music plays to let us know some badassery is about to take place. Oliver, Chloe, and Lois strut through the doors. Lois tends to some random wounds on her hands and Oliver goes to fetch his extra-special compound bow, greeting it like a long-lost lover. Chloe flips the lights on and Lois sees the full scale of the place for the first time. She's awed. "OK, remember when I kicked you out of my clubhouse for spilling soda and you said you'd just build a cooler one? You win." Chloe has no time for banter, though, and goes to one of the computers. Surveillance footage of the city (the world?) shows the place in ruins. "So this is what happens when there's no Blur," Lois says. Oliver walks into the room, having fully changed into his Green Arrow leathers in ten seconds. He gives Lois a lead-sheathed knife made of kryptonite, although he calls it "meteor rock" for her benefit. I guess. Chloe is just uploading the virus to the tower's command center. The techno music has given way to heroic orchestral music. Oliver warns them the Kandorians are coming. He and Lois head out and Chloe promises to catch up to them, which is almost always a sign that you're about to be dead.

Lois runs through the streets and ducks behind a wrecked truck as if it's any kind of protection against a super-powered alien. A second later, Chloe is seen running into the street. She's out in the open. Lois shouts for her cousin to join her behind the miraculous shelter of the truck. Chloe runs and runs. A Kandorian whooshes through the sky toward them. The show tries to create suspense by having Lois shout out to Chloe with increasing urgency but this whole setup is just so bad. Chloe runs until she runs up against Alia, who draws a sword and promptly skewers her with it. Chloe falls in slow motion to her knees and then topples forward to the concrete. Oliver shows up to scare off Alia with the threat of his kryptonite arrows. Lois runs out from behind the truck to cradle her cousin as she dies. Oliver lays a hand on Lois's shoulder. "The best way to avenge her death is to get that ring." Lois, in tears, says she won't leave Chloe. Oliver reminds her she's still alive in the past. If Lois can make sure this future never happens, then she'll save Chloe and the rest of them. Reluctantly, Lois nods and kisses Chloe on the forehead. Oliver tells her to meet Clark at the tower. "I'll cover you," he says. Lois runs off down the street. A second later, Oliver turns toward a thunderous whooshing sound, bow raised and arrow at the ready. Thousands of bees fly out from the tower and swarm him! Killer bees everywhere! I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be Kandorians, but what they look like is a lot of badly animated black blobs.

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