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Did we really need another Mr. Sloane?

Paris. Vaughn's standing around as Omar walks up all, yeah, you wanna find your dad on your own? Vaughn's all, dude? What in the HELL are we doing here? Omar tells him that he hired a team of independent contractors to help them with the job at hand. Vaughn's all, and that job is? Omar's all, like that matters? Vaughn's all, IT DOES TO ME. Omar's all, okay, so, what we're supposed to steal is an instruction manual of sorts. Omar goes on to say that the coil wasn't being used properly. Vaughn's all, and I give a shit about the coil? Omar's all, dude? I am just like you. I don't give a shit about the coil or the instruction manual or anything else. I just get paid, you know? Omar goes on to pull some seriously sick psycho bullshit on Vaughn, saying something akin to, "Where was your daddy when you and your mama where standing over his grave, mourning him?" It's sort of pointless, really, when you know what the resolution of this episode is. Just then, a horn honks, and a car pulls up. Omar and Vaughn get in.

Baddie Central. We're now in the belly of the beast. Omar and Vaughn enter a garage or something and a bunch of baddies, hired by the same person who hired Omar, are hanging out. They seem to be planning a heist of some sort. Izabella Scorupco is there, looking devilishly gorgeous, as usual. Omar introduces Vaughn. "This is Mike." Izabella looks him over. "So, is he any good? Or is he just eye candy?" Oh, both, Izabella. Both. Omar introduces Izabella as Sabina, and also introduces the other members of the team who wind up dead or something later, so their names don't really matter. One of the probably dead guys tries to offer Vaughn a beer, but Vaughn's like, uh, dude? How 'bout you tell me why I'm here and THEN I'll consider drinking your beer. Oh, hell, Vaughn. Drink the damn beer. I would have. But then, I'm a career alcoholic, so I would have been like, THERE'S BEER? FUCK THE MISSION. Yeah. I have a problem.

Omar finally clues everyone into what their mission actually is. It's a two-pronged plan. Tomorrow at midnight, an armored transport will be leaving Darmstadt carrying a very valuable item. Apparently, it's so important that spell check doesn't even QUESTION the word "Darmstadt." The Baddies will be stealing the valuable item. But to do it, they're going to need a cold laser. Too bad the cold laser prototype hasn't even hit the streets yet. It's in a secure R&D wing at a hospital in Bordeaux. Heavily guarded. "Civilians?" asks Vaughn. "Yeah, you got a problem wit dat?" asks Omar. Uh, YEAH, dude. Have you not MET the man? "No," says Vaughn, with almost no hesitation. Oh. I was wrong. I've met the man and…apparently, I've met the man who doesn't think twice when it comes to killing innocent people. Nice.

Apple Store. Jack is called into Sloane's office. Sloane wants to know why Dixon has been taken out of field rotation. Jack says he authorized it. Sloane says he knows; Jack's signature is all over the forms. Sloane wants to know if Jack really thinks it's wise to be an agent short when Vaughn is still rogue. Jack says that he didn't have a choice; the director of the DSR contacted him and, since they're keeping Vaughn's rogue status secret, Jack thought it best to comply with his request. "I see," says Sloane. "What, exactly, is the nature of Dixon's assignment?" "I'm afraid that's confidential as well," says Jack. "From you or from me?" spits Sloane. Jack says nothing. Sloane gets up and is all, dude? You don't have to be a goddamn genius to figure it out. It's Rambaldi, isn't it? Jack just grimaces. Sloane's all, yeah, I get it. It's Rambaldi. Fine. But Dixon is still a member of my team and I should know what in the hell my team is up to. Jack is all, chill, dude. It's a routine transport. Darmstadt. "And I assure you," says Jack, "the risks are…minimal." Oh, don't speak so quickly, Jack.

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