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KentFan: The Killening

Talon. Lois holds a red coffee cup gravely. Taster's Choice is all that's keeping her hanging on to sanity. Lois joins Chloe to tell her about her crappy (but not atypical) date. Lois asks if she's seen Clark. "What?" Chloe asks sharply. "Have I seen Clark do what?" Ha. Chloe says that she has seen Clark. "Where?" Lois asks. "Why?" Chloe asks comically. "Did something happen?" Chloe totally needs to take that act on the road. It's a laugh riot! Lois says she thinks KentFan may not be their psycho killer. She asks again about Clark. Chloe mutters that Clark must be zipping around looking for KentFan. Why isn't KentFan here with Chloe waiting to help her confront Clark? Oh, that's right. Because she's busy getting ready to die. Lois asks if Chloe is all right. She sputters, and then answers that Clark is probably at KentFan's house. Lois says she'll swing by there. Chloe continues to sit and act nervous.

KentFan's house. Luna-tic is going through some of her stuff in KentFan's barn. She asks what he's doing. He tells her flat-out that he's looking for evidence to leave at the next murder. There was a previous murder? "It was you," KentFan says. Ya think? Luna-tic's been framing KentFan, and seems to have no problem telling it to her face and risking getting caught for no good reason. How James Bond villain of him. Luna-tic spiels that this used to be a nice little town. KentFan comes forward telling him that everyone -- including Clark -- thinks she's guilty. When she gets close enough to KentFan, he spins and puts a cloth, apparently with chloroform, over her mouth. Now there's a good five seconds of struggle here where KentFan could have easily teleported. Oh, what, is he using lead chloroform? Bullshit, folks. Utter bullshit. "I already have," he answers to a question that KentFan didn't have a chance to say. Bad line, that. KentFan falls to the floor. Luna-tic puts his little hankie away.

Lair of Lex at night. He's pouring himself a stiff drink. Apparently, he didn't learn his lesson about poisoning. Jane Seymour, wearing a becoming evening dress, comes in. She notices that, yes, Lex grew up. Rrowr. Lex asks her to refresh his memory; he's not aware that they've met. She asks Lex to call her "Genevieve." Whatever you say, Jane Seymour. She says she was on committees with Papa Luthor and Lex's mother. She says that Lex was always the bored little boy at the opera, getting into trouble. "Some of my finer moments, I'm sure," Lex tells her dryly. He asks if he can get her anything. "I assure you my tastes have matured," he says. Perhaps something in a Grapeberry Kool-Aid, my dear? She says sexily that she's sure he's developed a taste for quite a lot of things. Before proceeding, Lex, make sure that the expiration date on the MILF hasn't passed. Jane drinks from the glass Lex offers, even though she didn't tell him what she wanted. She drinks the Scotch. She says she knows Lex has a "relationship" with Lana Lang. Lex asks where this is going. Jane Seymour switches to Dangerous Liaisons mode, saying that her son can't always see the good that's right in front of him, much as that boy at the opera couldn't. She thinks Jason and Lana are throwing their futures away. She gets right up in Lex's face and asks him if he doesn't agree that Jason and Lana's relationship will never work. Lex says he doesn't involve himself with affairs of the heart. Jane brings up Lex's getting Jason fired. "That was a civil matter," Lex lies. He suggests that she talk to Jason herself. Jane Seymour says that she's tried, but that young men don't listen to their mothers. She's hoping Lex will help. Lex says he's not getting involved, but Jane interrupts him to say that he should look at the bigger picture. She says that this could work to Lex's advantage. She says she has information on how Papa Luthor managed to turn over his conviction. Lex takes another drink. She thinks Lex will find the info "interesting." Lex tilts his sifter as if to pour some on the tile for his dead homies. The scene could have gone on longer, but it was interesting, so we should cut away as soon as possible.

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