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KentFan: The Killening

Lois suddenly shows up. Oh, are you done parallel parking? Nice of you to make it. She tries to get in between them and yells for Clark to stop. "You're killing him!" she says. And he would have killed Luna-tic if not for Lois. What does that say about Clark, now? The choking continues for a few more seconds. "Stop!" Lois insists. "Let him go!" Clark finally does, one brain-damaged villain later. Clark has a single tear coming down his right eye. Did somebody litter? Lois asks if he's all right. Clark looks like he's going to throw up. Lois lies that everything is going to be all right. Oh, just shut up, Lois.

Commercials. I'm sorry, but if you buy a big-screen TV at Wal-Mart, there's really nothing more I can do for you.

Stately Luthor Manor. Jason walks through the double doors. He asks why Lex Luthor would want to see him. Jason guesses it's because Lex wants to lecture him again about dating an eighteen-year-old student. They're really pressing the eighteen-year-old thing, huh? It doesn't make Lana seem any less like a pre-teen. Lex lies that just because he took a hard line on the rules (for once), that doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate "the individuals involved." Uh huh. Lex apologizes for costing Jason his job. He wants to make it up to Jason. Jason says he still hasn't heard from Lex's HR guy about a job. Lex says he has a position Jason might find more appealing. It's called the "Dirty Sanchez." Holy HoYay! It's the Gayest Look of the Episode, out of nowhere! Lex says the job pays $100,000 a year. Jason sells himself way short and says he's not qualified for a job that pays that well. He says his mother must have put Lex up to this. Lex says that Jason's mom is trying to do a lot more than that. Lex says he wants to work with Jason to find out what Jane Seymour is really up to. Well, there's that Dr. Quinn reunion special. Not much else, really. Lex says "The enemy of my enemy..." but doesn't finish it. Jason asks how he knows he can trust Lex. "You don't," says Lex. "But what other choice do you have?" He could...walk out the door and not be a part of this at all? That's a choice, isn't it?

The Barnness of the Great Escapeitude. Clark is sitting, forlorn, bouncing a ball against the wall over and over again. His two useless parents, MamaKent and Bo Duke, come up the stairs. If he were really depressed, he wouldn't be sitting on a comfy rug. MamaKent says that Clark has been up there by himself for two days. Bo comes over and sits on the couch, next to where Clark is on the floor. He tells Clark that what happened to KentFan wasn't his fault. Clark says, rightly, that if he'd believed her, she wouldn't be dead. Bo Duke says she was framed: "There's no way you could have known that." Wasn't that the only other explanation for her innocence? Of course Clark could have known that. Clark keeps bouncing the ball. He says he should have trusted KentFan. He says she asked him to go to the sheriff and tell her everything. "But I didn't go," Clark says. He's really bitter this time. Too bad it won't last past this episode. "I was too afraid of what people might think." It's all right, Clark. I still think you're an ass. Clark thinks she might have been right. If people knew what he could do, he says, she might still be alive. Bounce. Bounce. "And I just can't forgive myself for that," Clark concludes. MamaKent looks sad, but not very apologetic about her disapproval in all this. Bounce. This time Clark doesn't bother catching the ball. Bo and MamaKent are the epitome of unsupportive here.

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