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KentFan: The Killening

Smallville High School. At her desk at The Torch, Chloe sits, staring at the Wall of Weird. It's pretty big. Lois walks in without knocking, telling Chloe that she's going back to school and has an early class the next day. Lois asks if Chloe is looking for clues she should have seen before about Luna-tic's abilities. Chloe says she's seen too much already. She says she's spent the last four years trying to expose meteor freaks. Chloe is packing a box. "I never should have started this wall," she says. Lois says that Chloe is a reporter: "You investigate and expose. That's who you are." "Well, then I guess sometimes it sucks being me," Chloe tells Lois. Chloe is wearing a nice top made out of one of Freddy Krueger's old sweaters. Chloe asks Lois if she'd tell a person that she knew something secret about them. Lois asks if it's a person Chloe cares about. "Yeah," Chloe says sadly. "Has keeping the secret hurt anyone?" Lois asks. Chloe says no. Even though it did kill KentFan. Lois says that her answer is no: she'd keep the secret, but be extra-supportive so that someday that person would be comfortable enough to tell the secret him- or herself. Chloe says that's the last thing she expected to hear from Lois. Lois says she's learned the hard way that people keep secrets for a reason, even from those they're closest to. Lois asks if there's something Chloe wants to tell her. Chloe thinks about it. Lois asks if Chloe is the one with the secret. Chloe smiles, relieved. "No," she says, "it's not me." Lois leaves it at that. She tells Chloe she'll see her in a few weeks. Lois thinks the person Chloe is talking about will tell her eventually. They hug. Chloe wishes Lois a safe drive home. Lois leaves. Chloe walks past a second wing of the Wall of Weird, and approaches the main board. She shakes her head and says, "Clark. Why don't you just tell me?" She takes down some of the stories relating to Clark. She stares at the clippings, close to tears. The one on top reads, "Local teen discovers Indian caves" with a mug shot of Clark about a hundred times too large. Very nice shot from outside the room as Chloe stands at the Wall of Weird.

Sweet music -- which I'll later discover in horror is being sung by Minnie Driver -- plays. Clark is at the old fake-looking graveyard with the funky gravestones. He's staring at a red rose. There's mist everywhere. Clark kneels at a grave. Chloe walks up next to him. Thank God it's not Lana. Chloe kneels next to Clark and tells him she's sorry. For everything. Clark stares at the gravestone. Chloe says, "It must have been so hard being so different." She says it must have been hard with everyone judging, not knowing if people would accept him. Clark continues to stare. Minnie continues to sing. "I just...I want you to know that I'm here for you," Chloe says, "if you ever need to talk." She puts her hand on Clark's back. Clark stops staring for a minute to acknowledge Chloe: "Thanks, Chloe. I appreciate that." Chloe's lip shakes. She gets up and walks away. Wide shot as Chloe keeps walking and Clark keeps kneeling. Cut to black.

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