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KentFan: The Killening

Kent Farm at night. In the Barnness of Accuseitude, Clark is pacing upstairs while KentFan sits against a precarious railing watching him. She says he looks like a big cat in a small cage. Well, he is a pussy. She asks what's wrong. Clark tells her about the guy who mentioned a blonde girl in the alley behind The Talon around the time Lana was attacked. She says simply that it must have been another blonde girl in the alley, because that wasn't her. Clark nods, but still doesn't seem convinced. KentFan acknowledges that people in the town think she did it. Clark says she couldn't have anyway, because she was with him and because she was wearing her...hey! Where's her lead bracelet? Clark has taken her hand, and flies off the handle when he sees she's not wearing it. He even does a tiny actorly step back in surprise. "You lied to me," Clark says. Oh, Clark. Do you not sit upon a bloody throne sewn with the tapestry of your many lies? Does it not pamper your bottom, cushioned by the down feathers of fibs you've told to all your friends? Who is this King of Deceit I must recap every week as he weaves another spiderweb made of the feces of bulls? It is you, Clark. You are that King. I hope it chaps your anus. KentFan stutters that she didn't lie. She says she didn't think she needed the bracelet. KentFan says she couldn't give up her powers; it was worse than being in prison. That's because the prison wasn't Oz. She asks Clark what he'd do if somebody told him he couldn't use his abilities. "Get me on Everwood!" Clark tells his biggest lie to date: he says he'd give them up in a second instead of hurting someone. You hurt people on a weekly basis, jackass! KentFan agrees on that point. She says she's better now. She just wants people to accept her. She tells Clark she thinks that's what he wants, too. Clark looks up at the ceiling. No. Not really. Being an ass is more fun. KentFan holds up her hands in frustration and apologizes for not telling Clark about the bracelet. She says again she didn't do anything to Lana. This time she even swears. Ah, but it's not a pinky swear, so I don't know if we can count that on TV. Clark thinks about the Iraqi elections and whether the disparity in votes among the country's different factions may contribute to more insurgent attacks on U.S. troops. Then he blinks.

The Talon, again at night. Lana is wearing a blue turtleneck that actually makes her look like a turtle. She's telling Jason that she'll be fine for a few hours while he goes to A&M to go hunt through microfiche. MamaKent, cleaning up for the night, watches silently as they discuss. Jason reminds Lana that she was just attacked behind a locked door in her own apartment. Lana says she's not going to let Jason flunk History over her death. Nice. Plus: Microfiche? He can't find some of this stuff online? Clark comes through the door. He ignores Jason and Lana and asks his mom if she's ready to go. MamaKent has a stroke of...not genius exactly, but something like insufferable nosiness. She says that she and Clark can watch Lana. Lana turns, and instead of saying, "We weren't talking to you, lady," is totally fine with the idea. She hands Jason his jacket and tells him to get out. Jason says he won't be long, and gives Clark a serious look. Don't be mussin' up my teen bride, Kent. Clark sighs with his face about four times.

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