Passage, Part I

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If Music Be The Food Of Love

Kendall walks off, and Syd turns to her father. "Thanks," she says, initially in a tone that suggests that she really is thanking him. Her tone quickly changes, however. "You told Kendall your judgment wasn't to be trusted and then agreed with me to reinforce his doubt." Jack sneers something at her about how Kendall's ego makes it impossible for him to favor decisions that don't involve the overruling of others. "You argue your way," he spits, "I'll argue mine." His point made, he walks off.

Vaughn takes this moment to step up and inform Syd of her counter-mission. Basically, Syd's just supposed to dead-drop a copy of the codes when she gets back from Uzbekistan so that the CIA can figure out what they're really for. Syd nods and smiles, and then looks like she wants to say something dear and sweet and tender to him but instead just says, "I have to go pack," and walks off. Vaughn looks after her wistfully. Really, is there ANY other way Vaughn looks after Sydney nowadays?

Sneaky Sons-o-Bitches Central. Sarkie's watching a monitor that shows some of the SD-6 agents walking around. He makes some snarky comment about how impressive the operation is while at the same time it's so pathetic that the majority of the agents think they work for the CIA. Captain Can't Get Enough Of Your Love puts an end to Sark's rather inclusive "we're cooler than them" speech-making by saying, "Look at me. You've offered me a substantial prize to make our partnership worthwhile, but do not think for a second that gives you the right to insult my people." Ooooh. Wow. Monsignor Macho Macho Man can put the smackdown on someone who's as super-cool as Sark, even though Sloane himself would sacrifice any last one of his own SD-6 agents if it meant furthering his own bloody career.

Properly chastised, Sark apologizes. As the cool blue tones of the scene wash over Sark, he sees Syd on a monitor and mentions to Sloane that he had a run-in with Syd this morning, and that she may suspect that Sark didn't really turn himself in. What kind of game is Sark playing with Sloane? I mean, we know that Syd knows that Sark didn't really turn himself in. What's he pulling here? Officer Only The Lonely assures Sark that, since he's known Sydney since she was born, she'll believe anything he tells her. Ew. That shit ain't right. Sark responds that, even if Syd's covered, Jack still might be a concern. "So, for the time being," he says, "I wouldn't tell him what those codes are really for." I can't really tell if Sark is under the impression that Jack doesn't know what SD-6 really is, or if he's fully aware of Jack's double-agent status and therefore is just playing to the cheap seats. David Anders is so very subtle in these scenes. It would have been very easy for him to step into Cigarette Smoking Man's well-ashed shoes and be oozing evil and bad intentions, but it's so much better this way, with him being so dangerously likeable and smooth.

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