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Perry White Is All Right

Stately Luthor Manor. Lex is speaking in hushed tones about confidentiality. He says he'll be revealing things that are deeply personal. Ooh, is he talking to Deepak? Or maybe Rosie? Lex says he may even say some hurtful things. Doctor Unamused says that's all right; it's the point of therapy. Also, to regain control and let bad feelings go. Damn, this therapy stuff sounds good. Here I was using recaps for that. Lex agrees to meet the next day at 10 AM. Thus begins the Lex Therapy Chronicles.

Back at the farm, Clark is moving hay around in the Barnness of Back-to-Normalitude. MamaKent comes in to tell him breakfast is ready. She asks if things are all right now. Clark throws a bale of hay, and then speeds up to the loft to catch it. Fucking show-off. Clark says that everything went back to normal. MamaKent says that's including his sense of humor. Or lack of it, as it is in this case. Lana shows up. Ugh. This episode was not about Lana, yet here we go. MamaKent greets her with Mamalove. MamaKent says she'll keep a plate warm for Clark. Frankly, I'd choose the breakfast. Clark says he was going to stop by the Talon later to thank Lana. For the yelling. Lana doesn't understand why Perry thought Clark had powers. Because she's denser than mercury. Clark thanks Lana for forgiving him for bringing up memories of her meteor parents. What? Give me a fucking break. Clark is the biggest wuss since Sir Edmund Wuss of the British Army surrendered to a vicious pack of teddy bears in 1929. Lana says she came by to talk about visiting the graveyard that morning. Oh, dear lord, are we back in Season One? Clark says he bets Lana's parents were happy to see her. Yes, except that they're DEAD. Lana realized she hadn't been there for months. She felt guilty at first, but then she realized (she's realizing a lot this week) that guilt is the last thing they'd want. Instead, they'll settle for having a daughter with no social skills who is in a perpetual state of being nine years old. Lana says she told her parents that there's someone else in her life now. It's a dead guy at another cemetery. Clark tries to shut her up, but Lana interrupts. She says she told her parents that she and Clark are in kind of a strange place right now. A place called, "YOU BROKE UP!" Lana doesn't know where she is, like when somebody dies and they can't figure out they're in hell. Lana hopes they can still work things out. Clark just wants her to leave. Lana's parents will always be in her thoughts. And in her words, which will always annoy us. Lana leaves. The camera pulls back like I wish I could every time Lana shows up.

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