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Perry White Is All Right

Bus stop. Even after all that, Clark has still given Perry a ride. Clark's wearing a white t-shirt for no good reason, but I'm not complaining. Clark says the ride was the only way to be sure Perry would get on the busy. Perry looks at him strangely and calls Clark a freak. He says Clark tries to help even fools like himself. He never asks for anything in return. Perry says after what happened at the Gorge, he realized he was going to tear a good person down. He couldn't believe someone like Clark existed. Then he looked at Lana and saw that evil is alive and well in the world. Clark says he's not that good. Perry's just glad nobody got hurt. He's not as fun when he's sober. Perry checks his watch and says he's seventeen hours and five minutes sober. A bus pulls up as a not-very-good cover of "Walking in Memphis" (an allusion to Perry's Elvis fixation on Lois & Clark) plays. Clark asks what's next. Perry, the new man in my life, says he's going to try to find the courage to finish the one story he let go. Clark says that something (maybe it's notes for Season Four) tells him that the world hasn't seen the last of Perry White. Perry says he still has a friend or two at The Daily Planet. Perry says he went over a few more of Clark's Torch stories. He says they're rough and half the time Clark buries the lead. But he says he sees a glimmer of hope. He tells Clark to look him up if he ever makes it to Metropolis. "I owe you one," Perry says. The bus door closes, and Perry is gone. Clark stands right in the middle of the road, the very thing he did to cause all that trouble to begin with. The dust settles. Perry is gone. I get sad and require large quantities of chocolate and videogames.

Next week: The obligatory time-warp episode, this one set in 1961. Think they couldn't make Lana's makeup look any more unnatural? Guess again.

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