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Perry White Is All Right

The Olive Garden. It's all right. We won't tell anybody you eat there.

It's nighttime. A bus pulls up toward a stop. Bo is outside waiting as Clark gets out of the vehicle. Its sign says that the bus just came from Metropolis. Clark tells Bo that his lightspeed gave out around Lake Tahoe. Bo says that's about a thousand miles away. Clark says that one minute he was racing across the country (run, Clark, run!), the next he could barely jog. Clark says that his speed gave out again around Colorado Springs. Clark says he barely had enough money for a bus ticket. That is hilarious. Bo says that things are getting out of control. They both get in the truck, and Clark promises to stay glued to the couch until this thing passes. Bo says that won't be easy: Perry saw Clark disappear, and Bo doesn't think he's going to give up on the story.

Stately Luthor Manor. Perry walks in to talk to Lex. Lex says that when he heard Perry was at the gate (so he does have security?), he could hardly believe it. Perry wants to talk. Lex doesn't. Perry threatens to withhold information he has about Papa Luthor. Lex says that if it's personal, he doesn't care, and if it's legal, the statute of limitations must have passed. "That depends," Perry teases. Lex asks, if the information is so damning, why Papa Luthor stopped at just destroying Perry's career. Perry says he had multiple copies of documents with multiple attorneys who would release information upon his death. Perry says that Lex can have the info if he gets one thing in return: everything Lex knows about Clark. Hey, that's way more than just one thing. Try the entire contents of the Kama Sutra. Perry has investigated the car accident from the pilot, and there's no way Lex could have survived without "the miracle that is Clark Kent." Perry says he was surprised Lex had a friendship going with the boy. Lex says that going after Clark is a new low, even for Perry. Perry says that the Lex he knew wouldn't shake your hand without an ulterior motive. Perry tells Lex to deliver the goods on Clark, and that he'll give him a story that'll bring new meaning to "sins of the father." Lex thinks about it for a second, and then grabs Perry and throws him against a wall. He says that Perry may have "neutralized" Papa Luthor, but that he won't do the same to Lex. Perry doesn't lose his cool. He says that the jungle living must have taken a toll on Lex. Lex angrily warns Perry to stay away from him and his friends. Lex says there won't be any blood on his hands when they find what's left of Perry. Tough, sexy Lex! Lex comes out of his anger a bit and seems to realize how much of his cool he just lost. He backs off. Perry exits. Lex looks at his shaking hand.

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