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Once they're back at camp, the Fans are all despondent. Eddie interviews that he thought they would be able to turn things around, and it didn't happen. Michael tells the others that they need to try something new at camp and in the challenges, because what they're doing isn't working. Sherri interviews that their big theory about muscle helping them win challenges is obviously not working and she hopes her fellow alliance-members realize that. Plus, the Idol is back in play and it's out in the jungle somewhere.

And that kicks off the Great Idol Hunt of 2013. Sherri, Michael, Matt and Reynold are all shown poking around in the jungle. I don't know if Julia and Eddie didn't look or they were just too boring to show. It makes me nervous when they poke their hands into those hidey-holes. I'm always sure someone is going to come out with a comically giant red finger -- like in a Bugs Bunny cartoon -- due to a hidden animal that bit it when poked.

Michael interviews that he really wants to have the Idol, because he'd feel so much safer with it in his pocket, and then he adds that the ONLY thing he doesn't want is for Reynold to find it. Oh, sweet irony. The next shot is Reynold finding the Idol. I'm not even kidding. He totally found it twice and we all know that Reynold isn't THAT smart. I realize it's more exciting when there's an Idol in play, but the producers could at least make it mildly challenging. They shouldn't be able to find it within an hour of looking, I feel.

Anyway, Reynold celebrates in a whisper-shout to the camera and he's a little too cocky for my taste. I notice that he's not wearing his tight pants anymore, so I guess he learned his lesson. Anyway, Reynold claims that he's not going to tell anyone about his find, because last time he did, it got flushed out. Well, he didn't tell people. Laura busted him because of his tight pants. Reynold heads back to the shelter and tells Eddie that he found the Idol. So much for not blabbing. They vow to go to the end together. Eddie interviews that Reynold is really lucky. Well, he also went and looked for it, which Eddie apparently didn't do. You make your own luck.

Over at the Favorites camp, they are grilling up the steaks they won, but Brandon is listless and broody. Andrea interviews that she can tell something's up with him and she doesn't know that even winning the million dollars would get him "right in his head." Agreed. They rehash the challenge and someone compliments Brandon on being "a rock." Phillip starts babbling about how he was yelling to distract them like he does in basketball. Brandon interviews that he's really pissed that Phillip is taking credit for winning the challenge. Well, he... kind of did. I mean, he shouldn't take credit because its bad form, but he did win the challenge for them. Phillip says something to Brandon about how the challenge wasn't about upper body strength; I don't know what he was saying but it seemed like he was trying to imply that Brandon shouldn't feel bad that he let go of the rope first. Brandon, of course, does not take it that way. So he decides to pick a fight.

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