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Over at the Favorites' camp, they have their fire inside their shelter, which must make for a toasty sleeping environment. Brandon starts the fire. He interviews (actually he yells... so maybe it's a yellterview?) that the rivalry with Phillip is getting to him, and Brandon is the only one on the tribe who can start a fire with flint. (Seriously? I bet the others could, but it's easier to let Brandon do it. I'm pretty sure Malcolm can start a fire) Anyway, Brandon gets scary and aggressive as he yells at the camera that he's not going to let some old man tell HIM how he's going to play this game. I just typed a whole thing about how Brandon should handle this situation but you know what? I'm done with this guy. He needs help. It's not worth trying to explain how he could improve his game because it all boils down to: stop being crazy. And that ain't happening while he's on the island.

Cochran arrives with Tree Mail and reads it to his tribe. Man, we haven't seen Tree Mail in a while. Remember when they used to show every one? Anyway, Phillip interviews that they need to get rid of Brandon because he's dangerous and could harm one of them, and while he wouldn't usually consider throwing a challenge, he's considering it now. Meanwhile, Brandon is just killing ants that are running over a bamboo pole.

Andrea asks Phillip what happens if they lose today and Phillip says that Brandon has to go. Andrea asks if he's going to throw the challenge and Phillip says he's that desperate. And then Brandon walks up behind them and Phillip gets annoyed and says he can't even have a private conversation anymore and stomps away. Andrea starts talking to Brandon, who says he apologized to Phillip and doesn't know what else to do. Andrea says that she doesn't like where this is going, and Brandon asks if Phillip is going to throw the challenge. Andrea does a pretty good job of denying that it's gotten that far, but adds that if they lose the challenge, they're going to "have issues."

Brandon and Andrea stand there awkwardly and then Brandon interviews that he's starting to "boil a little bit" and he lists off all of the things he does for the tribe, like win challenges and take care of camp. He still doesn't get -- after playing this game once -- that none of that matters in terms of staying on the tribe. I mean, it helps. But what matters is building an alliance with people you can trust or at least control. Brandon asks to talk to Phillip alone and says that he thought they "squashed" their beef, but now Andrea's saying that Phillip is thinking of voting Brandon out. Well, Andrea didn't EXACTLY say that. Anyway, Phillip says he's not happy with the way Brandon's been sharing information and he doesn't know if he can trust him as a member of Stealth R Us. Brandon asks him to drop the silly spy games, not because they're silly, but because they're "demeaning." Phillip says it's fun, but Brandon says that no one likes it and no one likes Phillip. Phillip actually has a very rational response to that: "Well, then they'll vote me out."

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